COMMENTARY: An Indiana Constitutional Amendment To Protect The Sanctity of Life In Indiana?


An Indiana Constitutional Amendment To Protect The Sanctity of Life In Indiana?

By Dannie McIntire

JULY 20, 2022

Expect the topic of abortion to be front and center during Indiana’s upcoming special legislative session being convened on July 25.

Indiana conservative lawmakers are expected to pass more restrictive laws against abortion in wake of the Supreme Court’s recent overturn of Roe vs. Wade. 

The subject of abortion is literally a mind field of different opinions. Regardless of your view, there will be someone with the exact opposite view.

In an earlier article, I wrote that the recent Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe vs. Wade should be celebrated, not on the question of abortion, but that “the people” have the right to determine the issue. I think it bodes well for our democracy when that last step in our judicial system “rule of law” can say, “Oops, the earlier court in 1973 violated the Constitution by asserting a power it did not have”.

Now the “ball is back in the “Indiana Legislative’s court”. My hope is that our representatives during this special session remain open to listening to all points of view, and that they remember they are there to represent all citizens of Indiana, not their personal ideological beliefs on the abortion question. 

I’m not writing today to express my personal views on abortion. I’m merely hoping both sides of the argument have their voices not only heard but respected. 

I do however feel if our Legislators decide to restrict the right to abortion in the state of Indiana, they do so within reason.

My overriding concern is if Indiana does make abortion more restrictive, it does so with reasonable laws, and not to the point that women in Indiana are driven back to the draconian days of back alley abortion shops. 

FOOTNOTE:  Posted by the City-County Observer without bias or editing.