SeptemberCover_2014The City-County Observer is pleased to announce the addition of an awards ceremony called “Community Service Award”. The “ Community Service Award” will honor individuals that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to achieve remarkable things in our community. This years winners have done immeasurable charitable acts to assist non-profits entities, created economic growth and enhanced the employability opportunities for people in our community. Our 1st Annual CCO “Community Service Awards” recognition luncheon will honor eight (8) local “Community Achiever’s” under the age of 45 years old. They are recognized for the various ways that they have given back to the Greater Evansville Area.

    The City-County Observer applauds the efforts of individuals based on their professional, political and philanthropic contributions in the Tri-State Area. Our selection committie reviewed a 113 candidates list to be consider for the eight (8) “Community Service Awards”. Our eight winners will be acknowledged during a recognition luncheon on Monday, June 15, 2015 at Tropicana Casino inside the Walnut Room at the Executive Center.

    Amy Rivers-Word probably needs no introduction. For those who enjoy Evansville night life, she’s instantly recognizable as the face of Lamasco Bar & Grill, a very popular west side establishment known for booking some of the best local and regional bands around to the tune of 250 shows a year.

    Others know her as the driving force behind the Franklin Street Events Association. Her tireless promotion of that two mile stretch of road has resulted in the rejuvenation of area businesses and community spirit. Rivers-Word is all too aware that you can’t have one without the other. And now she’s setting her sights on historic Haynie’s Corner in downtown Evansville, bound and determined to create a new, vibrant scene
    with its own flavor. But she won’t be going it alone. Rivers-Word is busy with her new restaurant, The Dapper Pig and the Lamasco Bar expansion which will add 1400 sq. ft. of space and increase the size of the stage, loading and green room. Plus, Rivers-Word and the owners of Liquor Locker are set to unveil Evansville’s very first pedal bar, Let the Good Times Roll.

    Please take time and vote in todays “Readers Poll”. Also we just posted our current TRI-STATE VOICES TV show. This weeks guests are Courier and Press political reporter Zack Evans and Channel 25 reporter Jordan Vandenberge discussing the primary election results. This is a must view program.

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    1. What is a pedal bar? It sounds like a bar where you peddle your bicycle up to have a drink maybe?

      • it’s a mobile ‘bar’ that moves around as customers pedal it. Imagine a long table with bar stools around it, all on wheels with a canopy over it and each stool has a set of pedals (or maybe a single person is in charge of pedaling, I’m not sure about this one). In this case it rolls up and down Franklin Street, makes stops and folks get on and off, have a drink, ride around a bit, etc. I’ve seen them in Nashville and Louisville, looks like the people on board are having a good time. Something you might see in a ‘real city’ that has an actual entertainment district!

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