American Heroes Honor Flight” CUPS

The support with the Mission BBQ Cup “American Heroes Honor Flight” Cups has been overwhelming NATIONWIDE the first 20 days!!  I can PROUDLY announce that our EVANSVILLE Mission BBQ Restaurant is currently in FIRST PLACE with the number of cups sold!!   The Tri-State community has purchased 2391 cups…. WOW!!   YEAH!!   THANK YOU!!
However, there are several cities that are close behind us and want that First Place title from us!  There is still a little over three weeks left and we can’t let our guard down now!!  The other current top-selling cities are:
Hagerstown, MD
Clarksville, IN
Fayetteville, NC
Newport News, VA
Nashville, TN
Glen Burnie, MD
Let’s finish strong Tri-State!  As I said before, these cups are produced here in Evansville at Berry Global, hometown pride.  Our HFSI hub receives $2 for each cup sold from the Evansville Mission BBQ restaurant, which does so much for our Tri-State community!  So PLEASE… head over to our local MISSION BBQ at 1530 N Green River Rd, Evansville IN to support HFSI, and get your limited edition American Heroes cup before August 10th.  The cup must be purchased in the store, not online but you can include them with your catering jobs. They do offer curbside contactless service.  Simply call ahead, place your order, pay over the phone, pull in front of the restaurant and they will bring your order out.
Please share this email with family, friends, co-workers, and on your social media.  We have till Aug. 10th to finish strong and stay in FIRST PLACE!!!  HFSI is a 501c3 organization and everything raised helps keep the mission going strong.  The mission of sending our local Veterans to Washington DC on a FREE trip to visit the memorials built in their honor…. their Honor Flight!
THANK YOU TRI-STATE for supporting HFSI, MISSION BBQ, and our local VETERANS!!


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