Alexa Traffic Reports: City County Observer Dominates Local Media in Depth of Content


CCO Overwhelming in Unique Pages/Visit and Time/Visit Categories

Alexa, a web based information provider that logs data about critical use metrics for websites worldwide contains data to support that the City County Observer is now the leader in local media based websites in two categories. These categories are unique pages per visit and the number of minutes that each visitor spends on the site.

The Rankings for Unique Pages per Visit for Evansville based media sites are ranked as follows:

1. 20.0 pages
2. 4.4 pages
3. 2.6 pages
4. 2.4 pages
5. 1.9 pages

The Rankings for Time per Visit are as ranked as follows:

1. 63.9 minutes
2. 6.3 minutes
3. 2.8 minutes
4. 2.4 minutes
5. 2.0 minutes

The staff and owners of the City County Observer would like to thank our readers for what has become a year that even we never dreamed to be imaginable.



  1. Congratulations!

    My fear?
    That the obviously talented contributors to this great media outlet, will be coaxed away by something more,
    . . .lucrative and promising.

    Evansville may be beyond help and its’ fruit a dry and sparse. …

    Congratulations! . . . and many happy returns. …

    • I agree with you.

      The Courier should buy the CCO out before they get their head handed to them worse than they already have. The advertising base and the writing skills at the CCO have more value than the local coverage of the Courier and the TV stations combined.

  2. I guess I don’t understand how these statistics can be accurate. CCO is a great publication that I do visit daily and read daily. But I would say that on the average day you post three to five new posts or articles. That doesn’t justify 20 page visits and 60+ minutes of visit time per visitor.

    Are those statistics only for first time visitors? Or are they the average of all visitors?

    • We check these things about every month or so and were surprised ourselves. Our conclusion is that the time and the very high page visit count may be coming from people that are into the police reports. We started posting them in late March and the counting services take a few months to count and post. We are aware of many local offices that use our site to research these reports. The stats from Alexa are averaged over the last month and it does not discriminate between first time and everyday users. The last time we did a deep dive into that stats was January. The time on site was 7 minutes and the pages per visit was 5 or so. Our traffic has grown a bunch since then but the daily content is similar except for the EPD.

  3. Great news for your site. If I may make only one general suggestion, it would be to KEEP IT LOCAL. That’s what people want from a site like this.

    Leave the national news and opinion to the other sites.

    When you include as much national news/opinion as you have lately been doing, you dilute your real strengths: covering the local scene.

    Anyway, that’s just my opinion.

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