Agenda for Meeting of the EVSC Board of School Trustees 10/12/2011


2.03 Good News (Vice President Duckworth)
2.04 Public Comment Cards

3. Consent Items (Dr. David Smith)
3.01 Consideration of Minutes of the September 26,2011 Board meeting
3.02 Consideration of Allowance of Payments
3.03 Consideration to purchase items from Extracurricular Accounts
3.04 Consideration to submit three grant proposals
3.05 Consideration to approve the amendment between EVSC and Brown University
3.06 Consideration to approve the agreement between EVSC and University of Southern Indiana
3.07 Consideration to approve the transfer of funds for the Southern Indiana Career & Tech Center – New Tech Institute
3.08 Consideration to approve the change order for the New North Campus
3.09 Consideration to approve the change order for Cedar Hall Community School

4. Consideration of Personnel Recommendations (Pat Tuley)
4.01 Personnel Recommendations

5. Information Items
5.01 Operational Excellence (Mike Raisor)
5.02 Update on Construction Projects (Rick Cameron)

6. Public Comment
6.01 Public Comment

7. Continued Business (Dr. David Smith)
7.01 Continued Business

8. Adjournment