Advisory: Evansville man charged with filing a fasle report after lying during EPD Internal Affairs investigation


user30769-1380044838-media1_9f999c_192_240_PrsMe_Charles Coleman III was arrested over the weekend on false informing charges after he lied during an Internal Affairs investigation. Coleman was arrested on two outstanding warrants on August 31, 2013. Coleman filed a formal complaint against the arresting officer after he was released from jail.
In his sworn statement, Coleman accused an EPD officer of using unnecessary force while booking him into the jail. Coleman stated that while he was being placed in a restraint chair, the officer grabbed him by the upper arm and then punched him in the back for no reason. Coleman told the investigator that the officer fractured his collarbone when he struck him in the back. Coleman was taken to a local hospital and treated for a fractured collarbone while he was an inmate, but it was several hours after he was booked into the jail.
During the investigation, the officer stated he did not hold Coleman by the arm and he did not strike Coleman in the back. The officer denied using any type of force during the arrest and also denied being responsible for the injury to Coleman’s collarbone.
Video from the jail booking area showed the events described by Coleman in his complaint did not happen. The officer did not use force. The officer did not hold Coleman’s arm and he did not strike Coleman in the back. The video was conclusive and proved Coleman was lying when he filed his complaint.
The complaint was closed out as “Unfounded” because the events described by Coleman did not happen. Coleman was arrested after a case file was presented to the Prosecutor’s Office and an arrest warrant was signed by a judge.

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  1. The clavicle (collar bone) is the most commonly fractured bone in the body. It is not inconceivable that this injury preceded arrest or was self-inflicted.

  2. Dr. A. Is it? Your suggesting that one would physically and mentally do this to his on person. For what reason? And if it occurred before. Was the proper place followed. I mean it’s the most common as you stated. Wouldn’t it be easily to notice.

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