Arrest made after homemade bombs found in Evansville home, suspect had threatened to kill an EPD Officer


 epdepd  Evansville Police arrested 48 year old Franz Corvette Costello on multiple charges after he made threats to kill a member of the EPD Meth Suppression Unit.  Costello has been investigated by the Meth Suppression Unit 3 times in the last year. He served 5 months in jail after being convicted of possession of precursors stemming from a March, 2013 arrest. He was investigated twice in February of 2014.  On Tuesday March 18th, A concerned citizen notified police that Costello was telling people he was going to kill one of the Meth Suppression unit members. The citizen knew Costello was building homemade bombs and provided cell phone pictures of the devices.  An arrest warrant was issued for Costello on drug charges from one of the February cases. Police also obtained a search warrant for his house based on the statements and pictures of the homemade bombs.  On Wednesday at 1:30pm, the EPD SWAT took Costello into custody outside of his house at 916 N Governor. The SWAT Team made entry into the house and removed two other people from the house.  Members of the EPD Bomb Squad then entered the house and located 3 homemade bombs. Two were in a bag next to Costello’s bed and one was under his pillow. The devices were converted motor type fireworks that had been modified into homemade “fragmentation grenades”. The devices were packed with deck screws, lead shot, and gunpowder. The devices were wrapped in duct tape, had fuses attached to them, and were ready to be detonated. The devices were cable of killing someone and causing property damage. The Bomb Squad was able to disassemble all  3 devices at the scene.  Officers also found meth and drug paraphernalia in the house.  The two people removed from the home were not charged with any crimes.  Costello was charged with: Possession of a Destructive Device with Intent Class A Felony Possession of Meth Class D Felony Possession of Syringe Class D Felony Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Class A Misdemeanor                                                                                                                             For full details, view this message on the web.


  1. Huh. I was just thinking to myself yesterday, you know its been a while since I’ve seen anything meth related go by. Glad there are citizens in Evansville willing to remind us there will always be those who make poor decisions. I wonder if he has a partner named Abbot.

    Yes I know I’m horrible to say such things but at every step of the way, he had a choice.

  2. At one time this guy was very successful and well thought of in this community. Drugs took over his life and now look at him. Shameful. I agree, just lock his worthless ass up and throw away the keys.

  3. Sounds like this Corvette threw a rod in his engine and punched a hole in his block. Oh, wait a minute, the article meant to say “converted mortar type fireworks” not “converted motor type fireworks”.

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