Accomplishments of 2013

The 2014 legislative session is right around the corner.  For the past few months, I have met with constituents and started to draft my bills for the upcoming session. It is always important to look back and reflect on the year and be thoughtful of the ways we can keep progressing and improving ourselves, our community and our state.Last session was a year of firsts for Indiana. Our state was ranked first in the Midwest and tops in the country by many business journals and publications for our tax-friendly, pro-business climate. Indiana has also been leading the charge for private sector employment gains. Consequentially, the unemployment rate has rapidly fallen over the last few months, and I want to keep that momentum going.Part of the reason for the accolades was the tax cut package passed last session, the largest in state history. Hoosier income taxes are being reduced by 5 percent over four years, and the death tax was eliminated-keeping more money in Hoosiers’ pockets.

Other financial investments were made in roads and infrastructure at the state and local level with additional funds – $215M per year – being allocated to help with construction and maintenance. All of this was completed, while also staying true to our conservative principles of having a balanced budget with healthy reserves and no tax increases.

All of the policies put forth only lay the foundation for our state and its economic prosperity; it’s the people that make Indiana the best place to live, work and raise a family. Hoosiers are the hardest working, most down to earth, humble people, and I feel honored to represent you all in Indianapolis.

In addition to the many fiscal achievements that were enacted last session, three of the bills I authored were sent to the governor and became law: School Corporations Capital Projects Act, SWAT Team Readiness Act and Blue Alert Notification Act.

The first law allows schools corporations to use money in their respective capital projects funds to pay the costs of utilities and insurance through the 2015 calendar year. The state previously only allowed schools to transfer their capital project funds until the 2013 calendar year, so this two year extension was put into place to provide greater financial flexibility for school systems.

SWAT team personnel now have the authority to act and use their training to save lives during emergency situations. Previous law did not give SWAT members legal authority to act in dire situations, instead they had to wait for EMTs to arrive on the scene. My legislation remedied that situation, enabling trained SWAT personnel to step in and help wounded victims.

Lastly, I worked to create the ‘Blue Alert’ notification system that will be run by the Indiana State Police Department. This new Blue Alert program is relatively similar in concept to the Amber and Silver Alerts. Blue Alerts will be used to inform the public when a law enforcement officer has been killed, seriously injured or becomes missing in the line of duty. It will also help notify a local community of a potentially dangerous situation. The alert will also provide peace of mind for the men and women who serve and to their families.

I’m grateful to serve in my capacity and spearhead the issues I mentioned. Good public policy stems from vocal communities. I encourage everyone to stay involved and connected to the happenings in our community, so we can make a positive impact for the entire state. Let’s keep the dialogue going – I can be reached via email at or by phone at (317) 232-9671.



  1. Blah blah blah. Larry, you and your colleagues haven’t done squat this year.

    “Our state was ranked first in the Midwest and tops in the country by many business journals and publications for our tax-friendly, pro-business climate.”

    Then where are those jobs, Larry? And who exactly “ranked” us?

    • You don’t understand this article was written by a “state” representative? Perhaps LKB can explain it to you…No, she’s also having comprehension challenges. Well, at least BB knows the differ….

      Never mind.

  2. I despise those “business friendly” rankings. They are incredibly misleading. We have one of the most regressive tax systems in the country and we are also one of the most polluted states in the union.

    Larry has done zippity do dah in this regard, except his quarterly ghost written article/rant supporting coal and denying global waming. What a tool he is. I hate him so much!

    • I don’t “hate” him, because that will make my B/P go up, but I wouldn’t spit on him if he caught fire. I have NO respect for him!

    • And you don’t seem to able to understand the concept of counting both sides of the ledger. Did you happen to notice the doubling of the stock market?

      The Net Worth of the US has increased $15T under the commie pincko Obama adminsitration bent on destroying America, from $75T to $90T per the Federal Reserve.

      Assets-Liabilities=Net Worth

      See I know it’s hard. But you can do it. You see if Liabilities go up but Assets go up even more then Net Worth still increases. I know you and sister Sarah get confused easily.

      Now for the advanced concept. There is more than one sector in the economy Jethro! You have the government sector which you correctly point out (during democratic administrations) the debt of that sector has been going up. But there is also the Business sector and the Household Sector and the Non-Profit sector. You see we have to ADD all the assets of each and then SUBTRACT the sum of all the liabilities.

      No here’s where you TPer’s get confused easily. Trial Question. If the government borrows money at a rate of 4% fixed interest and then invests/spends that money into the Business and Household sector that EARNS a rate of 10% does that increase the overall Net Worth of the United States? Answer Yes/True.


      PLEASE don’t even tell me the CPAs at the Fed don’t know to add and subtract because they do and BTW other privates sources put the Nation’s Net Worth at over $100T not $90T, so NO we are NOT BROKE, most definitely NOT BROKE.

      • wikipeda…….lolllllllll…… have as much creditability as commie barry………according brains logic instead of 50 million Americans on food stamps we should have 300million on food stamps…….instead of 90 million Americans out of the work force we should have 300 million out of the work force……..instead of over 17 trillion in debt America would really be doing even better if America was 35 trillion in debt…….yep keep printing money typical barry obama backer……so sad…….

      • Brains… you look totally clueless here.

        You cite the Fed as a reliable source for knowing whether we’re broke? That’s hilarious. It’s like asking the used car dealer whether his lemons are any good.

        Last I checked, our money stopped saying “US Treasury Note” and “convertible to gold” back in the 1930s. We stopped paying other countries in real gold in 1971. “Federal Reserve Notes” aren’t real money unless others agree they are. Only reason they agree they are today is because we use our taxpayer-funded (with blood and sweat equity from the American middle class) military to provide private security services to those allies who accept our dollars – Saudi Arabia, England, Germany, etc. – at the same time we threaten those who try to challenge our dollar dominance – Iraq, Iran, Libya, etc.

        Our ‘money’ is issued in fiat. That’s because the United States officially went bankrupt in 1971. The arrangement we have today cannot and will not last, as the necessity of increased militarism creates more and more enemies and even our allies begin to find it hard to keep up the current arrangement.

        • Again, instead of challenging sources how about addressing the central question. Can the government can borrow money(cheaper than the private sector) and inject/invest it in the private sector where will earn a return greater than the total cost of the debt? And as a result increase the net worth and the well being of the citizens of the country.

          • You fool. Read what I said. Are you Wayne Parke or something? Our ‘money’ isn’t money.

        • And what would you consider a reliable source of the net worth of the US? Just checking because I’m not really interested in a debate over the realiability of sources.

          • I consider any source which counts fiat dollars as ‘wealth’ to be highly questionable. The only ‘wealth’ lies in real, tangible assets, not in Monopoly money, Chuck E Cheese tokens, and a bunch of ones and zeros on a circuit board.

  3. lol you are the dumb ass that referenced wikipedia……typical commie barry backer……so sad……..

  4. And you’re the chickensh@t who won’t address the central question/premise, that you can’t count just one side of the net worth ledger.

  5. On the content of this article though… It’s awesome that SWAT Storm Troopers can now resucitate grandma after they shoot her down in her living room. Probably a good idea considering the incidents of innocent deaths associated with police officers nationwide has exceeded the incidents of deaths due to terrorism since 9/11.

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