Accident with Injuries involving Multiple Vehicles




On 05-14-2014 at 9:35 PM deputies were dispatched to SR 57 and Foundation Blvd in reference to a motor vehicle crash with injuries involving multiple vehicles. Upon arrival, deputies discovered three vehicles were involved in the crash including a Fed Ex tractor trailer pulling two trailers, a 2014 Jeep Cherokee, and a 1997 Nissan truck. The Jeep Cherokee was on fire when deputies arrived, but the fire was quickly extinguished by the Scott Township Fire Dept.

After speaking with the involved parties and a witness, deputies found the original crash actually involved two separate crashes. The first crash occurred when a Fed Ex tractor trailer pulling two trailers turned North on SR 57 from East bound Foundation Blvd. Before the tractor trailer could complete the turn onto SR 57, a Jeep Cherokee which was South on SR 57 struck the rear trailer, tearing off the rear axle and bumper. The Jeep Cherokee then spun out and went off the West side of the roadway, while the Fed Ex truck came to rest in the North bound lane of SR 57. The intersection of SR 57 and Foundation Blvd is controlled by a single stop sign for traffic East on Foundation Blvd. The driver of the Fed Ex truck was not injured as a result of the crash; however, both occupants of the Jeep Cherokee were injured and later transported to Deaconess Hospital. The driver of the Jeep, Shelby Meisler, had a compound fracture to his right leg, while the passenger, Vandi Miller, suffered a broken nose and several abrasions. Because this crash involved an injury which was potentially serious in nature, both drivers were later transported to Deaconess Hospital where they agreed to have blood drawn in accordance with state law. Several members of Graham Packaging a nearby business at 5504 Foundation Dr, heard the initial crash and assisted with putting out the fire and helping the injured prior the arrival of deputies and fire personnel.

The second crash deputies investigated occurred minutes after the first crash and involved a Nissan truck and the Fed Ex tractor trailer involved in the previous crash. After the first crash, the Fed Ex truck was disabled in the North bound lane of SR 57. The rear axle and rear end of the Fed Ex truck had been completely torn off as a result of the crash and the truck no longer had any tail lights or illumination devices on the rear of the vehicle. As a result, a Nissan truck which was North on SR 57 failed to see the Fed Ex truck in the roadway. The Nissan truck was unable to stop in time and struck the rear end of the Fed Ex trailer. The driver, Emil Herzog, had a complaint of back pain on scene, but refused medical attention.

Alcohol is not believed to be a factor for the driver of the Fed Ex tractor trailer. Any citations or charges associated with the crash Sheriff-Logowill be filed with the prosecutor once deputies receive test results for both drivers from the Indiana Department of Toxicology.

Driver #1

Jonathan Koring
34 year old, white male
Evansville, IN
Fed Ex truck driver

Driver #2

Shelby Meisler
34 year old, white male
Evansville, IN

Passenger #1

Vandi Faye Miller
27 year old, white female
Evansville, IN

Driver #3

Emil Herzog
60 year old, white male
Owensboro, KY