Abell’s Speech to the Vanderburgh Republican Women: THE TRANSCRIBED TEXT VERSION


Marsha Abell

I spoke recently to two college classes of poli science, political science classes. And one of the things that I found about young people is they don’t have any idea why we think they should be involved in our system. And in talking to them, I said I can think of three really good reasons.

You see at my age it isn’t going to be long and I’m going to retire so I won’t be paying that local option income tax any more. And at my age, it won’t be long and I won’t be looking at a two story home. I’m going to look at a little small one story home that won’t pay big taxes. And at my age I won’t have a mortgage on that house so the banks are not going to be getting my interest on a mortgage.

So we need young people to stay here to pay local option income taxes, to build their homes here, to mortgage their houses here to keep this community moving. This community cannot survive on retired people. We don’t put into the system what we pull out of it. It has to have young people. The only way to get young people here is a firm belief if mine and I happen to know a firm belief of the mayor and the county councils is you have to have the jobs here for them to work. They can’t stay here just because they like it. They’ve got to be able to find a place to work.

We’ve been very, very fortunate in the last few years to bring in PGP to the local VIP park, Wayne Supply decided to not go to Louisville where the owner lives but to expand here in Vanderburgh County, and those are the kinds of jobs that keep our people working here, our people have our career tech centers.

You know it’s really nice to talk about those high tech, good paying jobs, but high tech computer people, do not produce one dime. They support production. We have to have production for those jobs to follow. And those are the Wayne Supply jobs and the PGP jobs and the jobs that are going to come when we continue the expansion of University Parkway up to I-64 and we can pull more business into this area.

That is the number one job of government. Not to provide a job for you but to provide an environment where a job can grow in your community. That is exactly what these county commissioners are working on right now. What we continue to work on. We have so many things in the pipeline. I am so excited about what’s going to happen in Vanderburgh County in the next few years with the leadership of our mayor and the leadership of the county council and county commissioners that are in there right now.

You will see an Evansville in the next 10 years that you won’t recognize. You will say my gosh why didn’t we get there before now. We didn’t get there before now because you didn’t have good solid republicans running it but you’ve got ‘em now. So let’s go forward and I appreciate your vote May 6.

FOOTNOTE:  The above speech was recorder and professional transcribed and posted by the City County Observer without opinion, bias or editing.  If Ms. Abell would like to respond to the above post we shall post it on her behalf without opinion, bias or editing.


  1. Out of context or in context it all is the same message, and it also shows that Ms Abell know little about what she speaks of, while PPG is manufacturing/production of goods Whayne Supply is not, Whayne is a service company who sells/rebuilds/repairs/services industrial equipment.


    • PPG {with the razor wite facing in on the chain link fence] is also a 2 tier pay system. Hardly a place to work 4 crew rotation on strait time and raise a family. Nobody will consier PGW a destination career .

  2. What an idiotic “speech.” It’s really bad when an ignoramus tries to “talk down” to students. I expect that every one of those students have a better grasp on what their role here is than Marsha has about their role. Sadly, most of them consider their role to be to find a good place to move.

    • “Sadly, most of them consider their role to be to find a good place to move.”

      Lol, so true and the likes of the current and past Mayors with the likes of Abell and those like her, compounds the problem.

    • “ignoramus” Whew,you could be upset,said that cause my Mom was the only other Woman I’d ever heard that used as a reference of a minds state. She would have to be livid,and the word would be at the end of statements sentence,or by itself with stare straight into the person of references,eyes.

      Mom was pretty proper cut,if that came out, She had a firm reason.
      Last time I heard her say that was to a young fella who somehow thinks he is an artist,he said something really stupid about a piece of art you all had at your museum. It referred to his assessment of its perceived value by how he thought it was presented.
      She said Oh my,you sir are a bit off. What do you know about the pieces artist? He gave a another stupid answer, She said his work “Blue period”,Rose period,African influenced period,and Cubism,Spanish,however lived in France for the most part..The guy still looked dumb founded,she then turns to the others in the room says,First name Pablo…..in a lower voice..”ignoramus” Smiles from around the room, then laughter held back,then applause,from the others present. Poor guy. Happens,and happening with Abell I guess.

      Here,have a nice day! http://local.msn.com/outdoors/30-astounding-rainbows

      • Egg-nor-ay-moose: Seen frequently on the pegboard game score guide at Cracker Barrel. It is the lowest ranking possible.

  3. “I’m going to look at a little small one story home that won’t pay big taxes.”

    She’s looking for a house that “pays taxes”! I’ve never seen one of those.

    • You need to stop it, you’re being small and picky. One misplaced word does not change the meaning of that sentence, I knew exactly what she meant and it’s true. I have a plan that I’m currently working that will have me in a small, low maintenance, low utility, low tax home, mortgage free home. I think Evansville is a mecca for a for old folks. I think Marsha may have a better feel for the people of Vanderburgh county than most. The young people that want to be on their own and can will leave Evansville. The young people we want to leave will stay, the ones we want to stay will leave. We have a population better suited for applications than resumes. We have continually elected politicians that have sold the citizens of this city down the drain. While the democrats lay claim to being for the”common man” they wasted our resources on the fraud center and let a historical national company with 1100 employees move to Cleveland TN. The employees of that company probably paid close to a million a year in local option tax. When we have financial problems in our city and county and our audit shows we are short of money and our elected officials deny or hide the problem, we have a problem. I say short of money because if we had an overage we would all know about it. We have a lot of pro union people who shame people working at $10-15 an hour, pretty sick of people to make fun of folks who are doing the best they can with what’s available. We need more jobs in Evansville that pay such wages. Beats the hell out of $0.

      • Just extend the same courtesy to democrats who flub or gaffe on the campaign trail.

      • If your talking about Whirlpool,@pov,another thing we’ve wondered about as start up Innovationist’s ,is the compared utilities intake by that location now vs then.
        An operational global trade supplier production plant,verses an boned out limited use storage facility,most of which appears to be outside in the former employee parking lot anyhow. Logistically,the place had its own warehouse distribution complex there as well,didn’t it?
        Commerce from transportation and distribution point contacts must show some losses,as well as,the local option revenues.

        Gas,electric,water and sewer funding received now can’t nearly touch what that must have been with the production and global engineering shifts running.

  4. ” I’m going to look at a little small one story home that won’t pay big taxes.”

    Yeah and you can’t sell unless there is a buyer. Dunce.

    “And at my age I won’t have a mortgage…”

    Yeah and to get that mortgage on that down sized house you need a buyer for the first house. Dunce.

    You sure do have a bone to pick with retired people.

    Regarding the youth. Maybe one of them working at McDs can buy your big house so you can downsize. Erm wait, that’s if they can get a job there or elsewhere in Evansville to afford your nice un-downsized house.


    • I will be able to sell my home when the time is right. I will sell my house at a fair price. People that have inflated ideas about the value of their homes are mostly disappointed. We have too many union people who don’t realize the heydays of 70’s are over, you ruined it for future generations. There’s a new wage scale and we’re going to learn to adjust down to it.

  5. Looks like the CCO did their homework. I heard from a few friends that people in the Abell camp claimed that Marsha never made these comments. All I can say now is–Marsha-Marsha-Marsha.

  6. Wonder what Marsha elite and snobbish historical district buddies are saying about Marsha now? Looks like the historical district power couple have eggs on their faces.

  7. I think I know who the elite snob’s are. If it whom I’m thinking of all her and her husband do is cause problems between downtown neighborhood groups. You guess it, they are big puppets friends with the Mayor and his wife.

  8. Anybody heard from Wayne Parke? Guess the higher ups told him stop posting on the CCO because he was making a fool of himself and Marsha alike. The political damage to Marsha’s campaign is already done. Thanks to Wayne.

    Vote for Bruce U for our next District 3 County Commissioner.

    • I’m going to vote for him if for nothing else just to hopefully shake up things. I feel I’ll just be replacing one good ole boys club with another good ole boys club but at least in the short term they might keep their noses clean.

      • I really don’t know how I’m going to explain to the family that they should ask for a Republican ballot in the primary, but I’m going to do it. I hope they don’t think I’ve gone senile and send me off to a “home.”

        • I wouldn’t do it, period.

          I vote republican because I like having our democracy auctioned off to a handful of billionaires.

          I vote republican because we need even more vets returning home with PTSD.

          I vote republican because we need to start as many wars as possible to show the world who is boss and make them “respect us”

          I vote republican because women should be held against their will and forced to carry to term Ariel Castro style.

          I vote republican because empty patriotic gestures like flag pins help my family thrive

          I vote republican because fairy tales should be taught next real science in HS biology to provide “balance”

          I vote republican because widespread voter fraud is real and global warming is a hoax.

          I vote republican because the wants and needs of CEO’s and megacorporations supercede any needs of working families.

          I vote republican because it’s so nice to have our town squares and public lands despoiled with supersitious tacky chrisitian symbols.

          I vote republican because we should always put the cost of our wars off the books and on the government credit card and then blame the next person who tries to clean up our mess.


          • Well I “don’t” vote Republican anymore because when my 53 chevy blew up I fell out of the 1% class.

            But such is life…………

  9. What an idiot. She in charge of running our county. No wonder why why we are experiencing major financial problems in county Government.

    After reading this post on CCO I can say that Bruce shall get my vote. Why hasn’t the Courier printed anything about this?

  10. I would suggest when she gets her “new” house, that a doorbell that goes “Ding-Dong” would be appropriate.

    • or maybe “Ding-Ding” would work as well, she should ask Parke what he thinks.

        • I’m not sure but I bet there’ll be something about it on national news.

          Or at least if they find that damn plane they’ll probably make room for it……

        • wasn’t me Ghost. There are three people that have editor codes. One of the other two did that.

            • As I said, I neither posted it nor did I censor it. I also live 2,100 miles away and do my thing on a different schedule than the Evansville part of the team. I don’t know what happened but it is sort of funny.

  11. I am also thankful to have the opportunity to try to help Mrs. Abell lower her handicap and devote more time to her golf game. I had only one experience in dealing with her during the extreme drought conditions around the 4th of July 2012. If you all remember, counties surrounding us and the city of Evansville had enacted a fireworks ban. Having been through a house fire ourselves (I am admitting bias and probably more fearful of fire than most), I sent Mrs. Abell an email asking her to step up and enact a county ban as well. Her email response was “less than kind” and as memory serves correct, she drug her feet until finally enacting the county ban right before the fourth. I always wondered if there was a connection between her procrastination and a local fire works outlet but never attempted to make a connection.

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