Ungenthiem ousts Abell by 10 points (610 votes)



With 100% of the ballots counted Bruce Ungenthiem has defeated incumbent County Commissioner Marsha Abell for the Republican nomination by a total of 3,434 to 2,824.  With the county precincts being the last to report what had been a statistical dead heat ended in a 10 point blowout for Ungenthiem over Abell who served admirably over a long period of time as an elected official.

In Ungenthiem’s only other political activity he led the successful defeat of the consolidation initiative that was supported by Mayor Winnecke and Commissioner Abell.


After the early voting ballots were tallied incumbent County Commissioner Marsha Abell leads Bruce Ungenthiem by the thin margin of 633 – 609.


With 33% of the precincts and the early voting tallied Abell has expanded her lead to 1,157 – 995


With 70% of precincts and the early voting tallied Bruce Ungenthiem has overtaken Marsha Abell to lead 2,324 – 2,282


This is a developing story


  1. With 33% of the vote in, it isn’t looking good for Bruce. I would feel better if Marsha had not had the lead in early voting.

    • Given the low vote count there may be less than 5,000 people that even bother to vote. That is pathetic.

      • I agree. There were maybe 5 people at Washington Square Mall when I was there, but it was about 6:30 AM.

      • That’s right. It is one of the reasons Evansville is so far behind times.
        The results are coming in ridiculously slowly.

        • I’ve been an election judge.

          First you have to get each machine’s printout of the its final tally. Then you have to take the sum of the total votes vs the total on the sign in sheets.

          Then you have to break down all the stands and the machines and the D judge and R judge has to sign off on the final totals.

          Then you have to get all the machines in one car and the D Judge and the R judge ride together with all the machines/electronic boards down to the civic center to the Clerk’s office.

          At least that is how it is supposed to work.

          That can take an hour and a half to two hours even before you get in the car and drive the machines down to civice center.

          Just sayin’

          • Yes, I’ve done that, too. A few of the outlying areas can take awhile, but it just seemed awfully slow to me. What are they going to do if there is a decent turnout in the fall?
            We always kept our ballot count up, so at the end of the day things went more quickly.

  2. It’s looking a little better now, with 70% of the vote in. It looks like Montrastelle has beaten Swaim, but the Bruce/Marsha race is so-ooo close.

    • I don’t know much about this Monstrastelle fella except I can tell by where some of his signs were I didn’t want to vote for him.

  3. Take a bow, CCO! You certainly helped make this margin what it turned out to be.
    What do you want to bet the bushes are already being beaten for some nice, controllable Democrat to run against him? Eric Williams, perhaps? I truly doubt they will do anything that blatant, but anything is possible. Whoever it is, they can count on nice donations from the Mayor and Wayne.

    • But they were impartial in that race, remember??? Haha. I voted for Ungetheim but I just thought it was insulting to insinuate they’re not endorsing anybody in that race.

    • Adios machine puppet. Go forth into retirement and avoid the wrath of other retired high tech computer people who own some farmland. You finally pissed off too many smart people to recover Marsha.


    Congratulations to all who got out and voted.
    The results are satisfying indeed.

    When the SBOA AUDIT shines it’s light in the dark corners of the Civic Center; watch the rest of ’em scatter. …

  5. Help us Bruce you’re our only hope!!

    I fear that Bruce’s inner teabagger will come out.

    He’s said and done all the right things. Can he resist the temptations of the Dark Side.

    Fun Fact: ObiWan Kenobi’s light sabre was blue, Darth Vader’s was red.


  6. “With 100% of the ballots counted Bruce Ungenthiem has defeated incumbent County Commissioner Marsha Abell for the Republican nomination by a total of 3,434 to 2,824. ”

    Since it looks like he may be around awhile, you need to start leaving the second friggin “n” out of his name editor.

    And “i” comes before the “e” in his name also Ghost.

    Good luck Swaim, I actually thought the CCO did you favor by printing Bruce Swaim in that article but maybe not.

    Never know about Pub politics.


  7. I guess that message has been delivered. Republicans don’t like Big Government imposters. Who knew?

  8. Tonight the people that are in support of the CCO mission of forcing elected officials to make good public policy decisions has won a major victory for the common folk of Vanderburgh County taxpayers. Looks like the CCO pushing John Montrastelle and Bruce Ungethiem to be elected in the positions they seek has taken this fledging blog to the next level.

    I bet that Wayne Parke,the Mayor and Marsha Abell regrets that they forced CCO advertisers to drop ads in their publication or they could lose future city and county business.

    Thanks God for the objective City County Observer has put principal over profit.

  9. What this race shows is several things, not least of which is that Mayor Lloyd Winnecke’s currency with Republicans in Vanderburgh County has been severely diminished. His open endorsement of Abell and failure to take the victory as an established incumbent is telling.

    This is a portend of things to come in the next Mayoral race. This guy did, after all, endorse all of the same positions that were so unpopular among Republicans and just got Abell thrown out on her rear – Consolidation, the $37.5m hotel, the naming rights giveaway…you name it. These two have been in lock step all the way.

    I see a bad moon risin’ for Mayor Winnecke and his lap dog Wayne Parke.

  10. Had a blast at Bruce’s campaign watch event. This is truly a historical day and one that, imo, will be known as the day the machine began falling apart at the hands of the people.

    • Winning by a small margin (less than a thousand) votes in an obscenely low turnout election is not historic nor the signs of massive support.

      • Abell lost by a full 10%, that’s a landslide. The low turnout seems to be the go-to excuse. The people got sick of her. Same with McNeil, we’re not sending anymore Teabaggers to congress.

        • Marsha landslided herself by dogging professionals and retirees. She did it in a way that it made her sound like a t-bagger.

    • Rarely agreed with rails, but in this case it is a historic overthrow of the broken machine. A low turn out primary is how the machine usually has controlled things by making sure the party insiders were the turnout. Bruce overcame that to win the primary. I worked with the man a Mead and on the Core effort. You have got a good guy here.

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