Kathryn Martin
Kathryn Martin

A Profile of Knight Township Trustee Kathryn Martin         by Scottie Thomas

Knight Township is the eighth largest Township in the State of Indiana, encompassing most of the East Side of Vanderburgh County. Knight Township Trustee Kathryn Martin has served her  community well by providing services, assistance and support for those in need.

She is married with six children, ages 17, 16, 14, 8 and a set of twins, who are 2.  Kathryn earned an Associate Degree in Human Services from Ivy Tech Community College in 2006.

Having served as Knight Township Trustee for almost four years, Martin began her tenure by walking into a massive debt of nearly $240,000. Over the years she has worked hard to not only keep the doors open, but to cut wasteful spending by using good business principals.

Kathryn motherly instinct, her compassion and dedication has served her well in her  role as Knight Township Trustee.  As Knight Township Trustee, she helps assist with burials expenses,  utilities and rent payments to name just a few, as well as being a voice and advocate for those in need.

Kathryn puts in countless hours, to assist those in need by making herself available day and night. Martin says “Township government is the most accessible grassroots form of government. It is a priority for me to be accessible and assist those who need our services.”

She enjoys being able to avoid most of the media and political hoopla, so she can is focus on her job.  She was awarded the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis award for public service.

Martin is hopeful that she will be re-elected as Knight Township Trustee so she can continue her work in that position. Martin’s hard work, caring and dedicated nature allows her to “help people to help themselves” may prove valuable in her re-election bid she can  continued as the  Knight Township Trustee .


  1. She was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor? In what armed conflict did she participate in to receive the highest honor bestowed on a member of the military?

    • I was thinking the same thing. I think Scottie Thomas may have made a mistake.g

      • Yeah,right wraith. A real nooker,boo,boo,geez. Hers likely is a community service award which is good as well.
        Hey,however something tells me community service,you know like “organizing” gets some people pretty far up the political ladder,so to speak.

        Some of your locals should be considered for a bronze just for being exposed to political fire. Maybe one for some local media there,for providing sustained covering fire.

  2. I commend her on a job well done under horrible circumstances. The article is incomplete as it fails to give an accounting on the current fund.
    A heartfelt thanks from this Knight Twp. family that appreciates whatever you’ve accomplished thus far (hard to know w/o current figures)and REALLY misses our vouounteer fire dept. & county residence status. The city doesn’t clean the roads – especially the intersections- like the county does.

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