A Open Letter from a Ron Paul Supporter regarding Ballot Access in Indiana



My name is Brad Linzy. I am the 8th District Coordinator for the Ron Paul Grassroots Campaign. For the past couple weeks or more, myself and an unknown number of other volunteers throughout the State of Indiana have been diligently collecting signatures in the wind, rain and snow in an effort to get Dr. Paul access to the Indiana Presidential ballot as required by law.

It has come to my attention that a new Presidential Ballot Access Bill has been crafted and is being heard in Committee. It has likewise come to my attention that one of the progenitors of this Bill is Senator Mike Delph, who has publicly endorsed the campaign of Rick Santorum for President.

Through direct emails with the 8th District Grassroots Coordinator for the Santorum Petition Drive, I have discovered, to my astonishment, that Mr. Santorum’s grassroots campaign has fallen through in the 8th District and not ONE petition signature has been turned in thus far. The coincidence of these events, and the obvious unfairness this raises for the candidates who played by the rules is too much for me to ignore.

If Mr. Santorum or Mr. Gingrich or any of the other Republicans running for the highest office in the land aspire to the Office of the Presidency, then SURELY we can let them play by the Rules of the LAW and either raise the money to pay petitioners or change their message to inspire some grassroots support of their own!

I am not opposed to easing ballot access restriction in future election cycles. I believe that an open process invites more participation, and more participation in the political process can only be a good thing. Furthermore, if personally approached by a representative of Mr. Gingrich or Mr. Santorum wanting my signature for ballot access, I’d sign it; however, changing the rules in the waning minutes of a contest smacks of favoritism and penalizes those of us trying to FOLLOW THE LAW! You can’t have it both ways, Sir. You can’t try to shut out the little guy when it benefits you and then change the rules to benefit the little guy when it benefits you.

If this bill passes, I will be personally sending out a press release to every news agency in the State of Indiana detailing this whole ordeal. I sincerely hope it does not come to that.

Have a nice day.


Brad Linzy
8th District Petition Coordinator
Ron Paul Grassroots Campaign


  1. I am trying to network with northern Indiana volunteers for Ron Paul. Do you have any names or suggestions of how I can find fellow Dr. Paul supporters?

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