A Family Matter, Hamrick’s Towing – One Call Gets You a Long Line of Services



by Zachary Stuard

Hamrick’s Towing was founded in 1981 by John Hamrick. John realized that he did not want to work for anyone else and with a strong entrepreneurial spirit he sought to build a business that he could leave for his family in the future. His automotive passion began at the age of 15 while washing cars and his passion quickly turned to trucks. Once established, his business grew rapidly and its expansion brought with it multiple facets that allowed Hamrick’s to offer more than just a towing service to the community.

Throughout their years in business they have come to offer a long line of services that include heavy truck and trailer repair, a body shop for trucks and trailers, and an environmental service John bought out from his father-in-law whom was in business for 42 years. Simply put, Hamrick’s services encompass anything in the truck industry. In addition to these services Hamrick’s also owns and leases multiple warehouses around the city. Hamrick’s towing service is offered cross-country and there is not a single thing they are not able to tow.

Hamrick’s has contracts with Vanderburgh County as well as Newburgh for towing and environmental services and because of this their towing services are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to their yard located off of Fares Ave., Hamrick’s has a second yard located in Boonville, Indiana. John’s business is thriving and he plans to continue practicing the business ethics that have made his company successful for over 30 years, this includes treating his employees fairly. John has one employee that has been with him for 25 years, not including his wife and 2 sons, and many employees that have been with him for a duration of 10 to 15 years. These examples serve as a testament to John’s fair treatment and the environment that he has worked hard to create, and maintain, for his employees.

John’s entire family now works with him in the business. His wife of 39 years, Alice, runs the office and handles all bookkeeping responsibilities. His oldest son, Terry, runs the large wreckers fleet. Kyle, John’s youngest son, has been with Hamrick’s since he was in diapers, compiling experience along the way. Now 25, Kyle runs the shop and deals with every outside customer that comes to Hamrick’s for service. Though John admits that working with the family can be stressful at times, he has built the business that he has for-so-long envisioned, and would have it no other way.

Hamrick’s Towing is a great example of building a first class business that is “Family Owned And Grown”!


  1. Hamrick’s towing is the prime example of what makes America great.

    I sat with John a few years back and got the entire scoop of starting, to bankruptcy to present day operations that was definitely way more interesting than Paris Hilton running out of tampax.

    Big Bad John!

  2. Thank You Guys so so so MUCH,,you were there in no time,would have been stuck without you

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