IS IT TRUE: Unfortunately it is: A Drive Through a Dilapidated Area

600 Block of East Franklin Street

These pictures were taken on the corner of the 600 block of East Franklin Street. The conditions here are more dangerous than any condition that was in place down at the site of the old Executive Inn. The rock pile at the Executive Inn was completely surrounded by a fence yet an emergency order of demolition was issued under the guise that kids may climb the fence to play on the rock pile and be injured.

Delaware Elementary School is an easy walk to the location where these photgraphs were taken. The neighborhood is highly populated with school age children. Is it too much to ask, where is the emergency order to clear this pile of rubble?

This debris is clearly a result of a fire and charred rubble is all around. There is no fence to keep the children of the neighborhood out of this toxic site. Why is the City of Evansville enthusiastic and full of urgency to remediate a rock pile downtown but is doing nothing to protect the children of this neighborhood?

This clearly reminds us of the situation with citizens being fined by DMD for not mowing thier grass while the McCurdy Pigeon Coop was becoming a hay field. Once again we are facing a situation of selective enforcement. Once again a downtown pet project is getting favorable treatement by the most expensive method possible of emergency order while a neighborhood is bordered by toxic squalor.

Please City of Evansville, clean this toxic rock pile too.

Taken from a Franklin Street Alley


  1. Great story. I am sure that there are many more areas like this one that are a danger to the community but are still a standing pile of rubble.

    • Has anybody noticed what the file name is of the Alley Picture? Sh**-houses-of-evansville

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