A Civic Virtue Primer:  A Life Thusly lived by Councilman Dan Adams


    Dr. Dan Adams

    I found my first life’s passion in June of 1965 as a senior medical student; I was attending a patient who needed his aortic valve replaced.  He died on the table ten hours later.  But I knew then that I had found my life’s challenge.   High level sports had taught me how to maximally produce, but my study of the fascinating human body was never satisfied and made me a life-time learner…even to this day.   Ten years later, I finally was able to have my first independent job in Missoula MT, a beautiful college town with a too low cardiac surgery patient load.   In 1982, I made my home in Evansville, a fine Midwestern city that I have come to love deeply and know I will never leave.

    In 1999, a little event tipped me into a totally different path.    I tripped over a wire in my OR.   Slowly, a life-threatening clot propagated in my leg, and it almost killed me twice.   Recovering, I made a pact with God to find another way to continue to help people.   After some years of searching and obtaining an MBA, city politics attracted me, finding my second life’s passion.   I was elected to our City Council, fulfilling my promise in 2007.

    Since then, being retired allows me to meet the job’s variable demands.   I have used my decades of complicated problem solving to hone my skills.  Always independently looking for the correct answers from fresh outside data …  not the expedient ones,  my voting record reflects consistent results of closely  listening to all my constituents’ needs… both big and small.   I have assiduously endeavored to produce common sense solutions that create taxpayer value.   I wish to bring the Allied Health Consortium project to completion.


    1. Dan Adams ignored the SBOA Whitewash, did not seem to think that was within his scope of work.

      He claims he is ” always independently looking for the correct answers from fresh outside data”. Not the case with the SBOA Whitewash of the 2012 Audit.

      No Dan, no vote for you.

      • Green light. That SBOA event was covered up by all on the City Council and the Mayor. I’m not sure why they did that and I didn’t like it either but that would not stop me from voting for Dan if I could. He is a man of good character and will do what’s right for the city most all the time.

        I wondered why Dan retired. A blood clot in the leg is never a good thing. I’ve had a blood clot develop in my heart one time and some one else close to me had a blood clot develop in their right leg. I was lucky that mine was controlled with medicine and it slowly dissolved or failed to grow as they say. A blood clot in the leg can break loose and flow into the heat and or lungs and cause death. So it’s a serious event that has to be treated.

        Good luck in the next election Dan.

        • Your juxtaposition of ‘covered up by all on City Council’ and ‘he is a man of good character’ is alarming to me !

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