IS IT TRUE  former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel took issue with Evansville City Councilman Dan McGinn’s statements on his personal Facebook Page the yesterday? …we urge you to read what former Weinzapfel said about Councilman Dan McGinn mis-statement about Ford Center funding in todays CCO FEATURE page? …we look forward to Councilman McGinn response to former Mayor Weinzapel for his mis-statement about the method used to build the Ford Center?

IS IT TRUE we commend Evansville City Controller Russ Lloyd, Jr for finally admitting that Councilman Friend was correct about the city having only $300,000 in the General Fund at the end of 2014?  …we hear that the Mayors Chief of Staff is extremely unhappy about Russ Lloyds public confession that the city having $300,000 in the General Fund at the end of 2014?

IS IT TRUE we would like to acknowledge the accurate article that Courier and Press Staff writer John Martin wrote about Monday night City Council meeting?  …his reporting was spot on?  …we hope the new owners of the Courier and Press take notice what can be achieved if top management allow reporters to do their job?

IS IT TRUE the CCO predicts that you’ll better get ready for a big property tax increase in the couple of weeks but also ready yourself for another increase in the water and sewer rates in the near future?

IS IT TRUE that the $200,000 Earthcare loan made by the Winnecke Administration is now  non-collectable because of a recent bankruptcy filing?   …we wish that Mayor Winnecke would had listened to Councilman Friend and Brinkerhoff-Riley about the proper vetting of Earthcare and its owners?

IS IT TRUE that City Controller Russ Lloyd, Jr intentionally withheld payments to the City’s health care providers (Dentists, Doctors, Hospitals, etc.) in the amount of $3 million dollars? …if Lloyd would had paid those bills in a timely manner the General Fund would have been NEGATIVE by an additional $3 million dollars?



  1. Though the c/p did run a front page article, they made it invisible, and impossible to comment on in their web page. I’m sure they got an ear full from wienie &winie.

    • Is it true that Tim Ethridge (GOP) editor doesn’t want to hear any negative feedback so he and other’s basically shut down the comment’s section or severely limited the number of people who can freely comment on the articles in the news paper? Maybe he got tired of hearing how bad of a job he was doing?

    • One/Move, Buy a paper, you may save a local job. Also you can comment to your hearts content.

      • Not really, cowboy. You must be on facebook to comment.
        Incidentally, LKB is one of the three or four posters left there.

  2. Since the Earthcare / Enviro Energy bankruptcy should be in the public domain, would the editor please list their source. I would like to read more about it.


  3. So the Mayor’s Chief of Staff (Schaefer) is mad at the Mayor’s Controller (Lloyd Jr.) for telling the TRUTH about a public document (year-end fund cash balances) ? That just about says it all . . . .

  4. Please comment concerning the new owners of the C&P. Are you referring to the divestuere Scripps-Howard announced several months ago?

  5. It’s apparent that the CCO has sold out to the local democrat party. McGinn did not make a mis-statement. He is in a position to know and he let it out. The city of Evansville has take on or added more to their plate than the tax base can support. It is a known fact that the Arena fell $600,000 thousand dollars short of needed funds and tax dollars was used to make up the difference. Weizapfel was protected by the local media to the max during his 8 troubled years in office, the guy tried to steal 5 million dollars of local homestead exemptions to bolster the general fund. A good indication of how serious the local problem is lies in the number of abandon houses we have and how long a house is on the market before it sells. If we only had $300,000 in the general fund at the end of 2014 that’s a pretty sad state of affairs. We need an accounting of where the money is going and I believe the CC knows what is going on and are scared to fess up. All of the financial problems this city has points to the Arena and all the destruction required to build it.

    • Its a political pick over, not what it once was. jerkage is now consistently indicated we don’t likey either.

    • If the editor wanted to be professional he would use the term “alleged” mis-statement.

      • If the editor was educated she/he/it would use proper grammar – what a disgrace.

    • In reviewing the last General Fund budget, approximately 84 million dollars were budgeted for 2015… this is $230,000 per day of running the railroad…no were within this budget will you find expenditures to pay for the Ford Center….now it is ridiculous to expect this city to have beginning cash balances of only $300,000…by 10 a.m. January 2nd, Santa Lloyd and Christmas Carol were out of money in the Gen Fund…you know the fund that pays our Police Officers and Firefighters City Garage employees, METS etc…to even suggest that the Ford Center is the root of the problem is disingenuous and is just not true…

      Now, your wonderment should be how does Santa Lloyd finance the Hotel and Med school knowing quite well the sources of revenue is the TIF…according to the President of the ERC at one of the most resent Rotary Meetings, the TIF is generating $5.4 million. . . the Ford Center requires $3.8. . .Hotel $1.3 . . .Med $3.4. . .Total $8.5. . . anyone see an issue?

    • So, lets see who was in that particular back room meeting: (1) Lloyd Winnecke, President of the County Commissionesr, (2) Marsha Abell, Vice President of the County Commissioners, (3) Bill Flutey, County Auditor, (4) Curt John, Finance Chairman of the Council, (5) Keith Jarboe, President of the Council, (6) Jonathan Weinzapfel, Mayor of Evanville. . . meeting called to order by Mr. Winnecke who requested the meeting. . .and IS IT TRUE that before every Council meeting McGinn is seen with Winnecke and McGinn made it quite clear that he is in favor of elimination of the Homestead Credit. . .sounds like he is getting his marching orders of the Pooh. . . it’s that Revenue Enhancement Plan getting ready to be implemented. . . So, the above looks like 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats. . . my my. . .

  6. Still no reporting on only one candidate from the 4th ward appearing on Tri State Voices. The way the CCO raised hell about a couple of other council members not appearing you would think this would be big “news”.

    • It appears the CCO is now a political arm of the local democrat party. The party tells the CCO who to bring to the public eye. I’m voting for Ballard. Just remember this because it’s a fact, reported by the CCO when they were not so liberal biased, Connie Robinson voted for the earthcare scam and was upset when SBR exposed it for what it was, that’s a little factoid for you. If local politics were half way honest Winnecke and Reicken would be running against each other in the upcoming primary. I’m voting for Winnecke because Reicken has come out so strongly against people of faith. Standing up for Christ is not a liberal virtue.

  7. Just opened property bills.

    Living in Armstrong Township, many miles from city limits just as my ancestry had these past 168 years.

    Evansville City tax for my residence up 9% Assess at 59.28% of maximum cap
    Evansville City tax for farm ground up 25.29% Assess value at 96% of maximum cap

    I see a pattern where the city tentacles are reaching into the pockets of the cities “non residents”!
    Especially on the ones who raise crops and livestock that feed those “city slickers”!

    • Rippage indeed, we’ have people there that are seeing the same bogus crap taxation lines.
      They as well as most in that county could give a crap about bailing out some stupid as hell downtown cronies dumb ass real estate investments, If the cronies bought into a lousy plan, its their mutual dime. Leave those who warned of the misguided waste outta the mess. Appeal the downtown pumped CSO charge, just cover them in their own refuse, they alone own that, the rest of the county does not. A day of reckoning is nearby and on a rapid approach just don’t accept the pointed assessment’s that’s nothing less than highway robbery.
      Oh, and also chip and seal roads are the best you can get from the A- holes even though the only positive tax revenues those old downtown bum leach’s can actively tab is yours.
      Knock the creeps outta office make them all short timers. What a upside down mess.

  8. One of the few people still commenting at the C&P is from New York, and sounds remarkably like the troll with many user names.

  9. CCO

    You have lost your power of communication. Really, is there someone who may save us from this garbage ? 10:45 pm, 24 responses, a handful of responders ? Is It True you are failing ? Joe, please find someone worthwhile to put some life back into this.

  10. Happy Tax Day. I hope everyone paid their fair share and did it timely. Every one needs to help pay for all the welfare/obamacare.

    • April 15th is a sad day for all voters of this state. The mob rule, otherwise known as that GOP party, just stole your/my vote by eliminating powers of your duly elected Glinda Ritz. This is another attack to the state elected position that the “mob” lost back in 2012. The “mob” has now turned “education department” into “appointed puppets”. This is another attack of education which has been on going since the governor seat went from a (D) to a (R)!

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