a) content providers like game companies and netflix (who use broadband lines)
      b) the people who own the broadband lines

      became “Obama is stealing the internet” ? It’ hilarious! “Let’s get these dumb-ass hayseeds involved.”

      This is a fight between people in business with one another – owners of broadband and users of broadband.

      I guess it’s useful, if you are trying to gain an advantage, to exploit the Tea Party people, to rile the all the hayseeds up by saying “that damn commie Obama is trying to turn the internet into Obamanet!!!”

      Maybe Wendy’s should try it next. Exploit the Tea Party crazies and go after Subway. “That socialist Obama hates hamburgers! Hamburgers are American as apple pie, but since Obama hates America, Obama is trying to make everyone go to the commie Subway sandwich shop. Show Obama how much you love America! Go to Wendys!!”

        • I know you like conspiracy theories COUNTRYBOY. My point isn’t about that. My point is this is a fight between large institutional business lobbies – content vs broadband owners. The Tea Party people don’t get they’re being used. One side is exploiting the hayseeds who always have conspiracy theories about commies. They love RED DAWN, the movie. But this stuff…It’s a typical lobbying fight between large, well-financed business interests. This crap happens in Washington DC. That is why lobbyists numbers overwhelm Congress members.

          • So why don’t they just publish the “rules” and end the so called “conspiracy theories” ?

            Also, how about easing up on the “hayseed” and “Tea Party” BS,,,,it indicates a pompous ass which I would hope you are not.

            BTW, I don’t “like conspiracy theories”,,,I just want the dam truth,,you know transparency.

            • “BTW, I don’t “like conspiracy theories”,,,I just want the dam truth,,you know transparency.”



              Thanks for the laugh!! That was hilarious!

            • @bb, you couldn’t handle the truth. Go on back to Caldwell, huff your Jenkem and complain about the man keeping you down.

      • There you go making stuff up. It appears that you start an argument so you can listen to both sides of your argument. Most people that I have talked to seem to be somewhat knowledgeable about net neutrality. Basically it’s not a big deal for most users except your computer will be more vulnerable to viruses and spam. It’s now a utility, that’s the only real difference. With a vote of 3-2 down party lines by the FCC it’s apparent that big democrats donors will somehow benefit. If any liberal or conservative believes the internet is private and immune from big brother listening in they probably believe Sharpton and Jackson are real ministers and Obama loves America.

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