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    Dear City County Observer Supporters:
    For over a year we have been told by reliable sources that Mayor Winnecke 2014 Campaign Financial report shall be extremely interesting.  Last week we receive a complete copy of the Mayors 2014 Financial Political Contribution report.
    Starting today we shall be posting links to the entire 149 page report concerning all the income and expenses pertaining to the Mayors 2014 political income and expense reports without editing.  
    Todays post is a link covering pages  1 t0 49 of the Mayors 2014 political contribution report.  For rest of the week we shall be posting pages 50 to 149 in sections because the size of this report.  Once we have posted all 149 pages we guarantee that you shall be amazed to read how the Mayor spent his 2014 campaign contributions in an off year election.  You also shall be amazed to read how much his campaign received from outside Vanderburgh County. 
    Pease take time and read this report and comment according.
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    1. Hate to see the private contributors names, who are just/most likely friends/old retired political fixtures that gave the nickel/dime route of less then couple hundred bucks. Those names are very unlikely wanting favors, and are just contributing in kind! Most on this site would recognized the names who are buying favors!

      Notice a lot of $108, from a fund raising event?

      Notice a certain person buying meals and calling it a donation?

    2. “—Money Honey,–if you want to get along with me.–” a song written by Jesse Stone in 1953.
      Money is the name of the Game,
      and it’s “Players” are on every Politicians list of–> “Friends”.

    3. Frequent contributions of $ 108 ?

      Is Winnecke assessing the Food & Beverage Tax + IN Sales Tax on a $ 100 contribution ? I guess if donors want to feed at the trough, that is appropriate !

        • It’s not unusual for people with certain interests to pay a tribute to both parties. You didn’t mention the one I found most interesting, though. More to come later on that.

    4. Does anyone one know how almost a quarter of a million dollars can be spent on a non-election year?
      I’ll keep asking until someone comes up with a “correct” answer!

      • Hang in there. I believe the deadline was just recently for them to turn in their reports for 14.

    5. Be interesting to have an accounting of the $500,000 that was in Weizapfel’s war chest for his 2012 campaign that Rick Davis put the stopper on.

    6. A lot of obfuscation in this report, they forget about Ye Olde Internet:

      Pg. 2 Randy Alsman (ERC President) $ 1,000

      Pg. 4 Michael Hull (Donaldson Capital Mgmt., Leadership Evansville Grad) $ 1,000

      Pg. 5,9 Michael Hinton (J.H. Rudolph Const. via ONB) $ 4.950

      Pg. 19 Denny Quinn (EVP, Skanska) $ 1,250

      Pg. 22 Steven Jones (Construction Law Partner, Ice Miller Indy) $ 5,000

      Pg. 24 John Helfert (Three I Engineering, Evansville) $ 10,000

      Pg. 45 Stephan Weitzel (Ziemer Attorney) $ 1,000 (it did say ‘Attorney’ for occupation)

      • Where is the obfuscation? Are there lies in the report? What has been left out that the election commission says must be there?

        • I agree, there is obfuscation in the relationship of the donors. There is a space for Occupation, and the campaign chairman/treasurer should list both the Occupation and the Firm. Please don’t tell me that this is a personal donation–have to disclose your vocation as well.

    7. Thanks, this reminded me I haven’t made my contribution for 2015 as of yet !!

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