AN anonymous political group has mailed two (2) political mailers that charges that President of the EVSC School Board, Chris Kiefer has failed in his leadership position.

    This first mailer charges that EVSC President Chris Kiefer lead the charge to increase the Superintendent of Schools annual salary over $180,000, not including perks, allowances and benefits.

    This mailer also alleges  that 9 Evansville/Vanderburgh County  schools are getting failing grades under President Chris Kiefer leadership.

    The CCO has ask our many moles to help us identify who sent these professional produced mass mailers.  When we the get the answer we sent this mailer out we shall make it public.

    Attached is a link to the mass mailer concerning President of the EVSC School Board for you’re viewing.

    Anti Kiefer mailer 1

    Anti Kiefer mailer 2



    1. I got both mailers, one yesterday and one today. While I agree that Chris Kiefer should no longer serve on the School Board, I don’t agree with the anonymity of the parties who paid for it. I also think they would be more effective if the message was “vote FOR Jan Stricklin” instead of “vote AGAINST Chris Kiefer.” That being said, I did immediately think about the listing of EVSC salaries that ran yesterday, and the information about Dr. Smith’s wife making just short of $85,000 a year. Unless my math is off, the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County are putting well over a quarter of a million dollars a year into the household of one couple. Given the average earnings for a family in this area, I really question the judgment of doing this, especially when you think how many of our young people are being failed by our schools.

        • Glad I voted for Chris. I know now that it was the right decision. If the unions are after him you know he’s doing a great job.

          • It’s usually hard to know who to vote for in these school board races but thanks to the info about union backing my choice is much clearer,,,,,Chris Kiefer.

      • As far as negative campaigning, that’s the norm nowadays. We should expect it, and then vote against that negative attitude!

        Based on a recent IIT about the one million dollar job or the 40, 25 thousand dollar jobs, we should be encouraging Smith and his wife for larger wages and to eliminate a few lower end jobs in the EVSC. Think of all that local investment possibilities !!!!

        It is funny how “relation” can work under the same umbrella of a entity, but in recent years there was that big push and legislation about township government doing the same thing. Example of two separate agendas!

        • I agree with you about the negative ads. I dispise those type of political ads and try to remember who’s behind that type of thing and vote AGAINST people who stoop so low and are without real character. I’m much more likely to support someone with a positive message than anyone with a negative message. But that’s just me

          A good example is the Sheriff’s race in Vanderburgh County. I think it was wrong of the current Sheriff to bring his opponents family into the fight. To me that was hitting way below the belt. I’m normally going to vote for the Democratic Candidates but if I could vote in Vanderburgh County ( I don’t live there anymore) I’d have to vote for Bruce. Not only is he more Formally Educated but he is of better character in this race. There was no need for the Sheriff to attack his opponents family in this current campaign.

          Bruce has a master degree while the current sheriff received 40 hours of training as a reserve deputy and went to a 40 something hour FBI course? Those short courses normally only last five days with each day being only about 8 hours. To get a Master’s degree one has to spend about 130 hours just for a BS degree in college and then they have to go take more higher level classes for a year or more and write a thesis. A master in Criminology trumps a 40 hour course at the FBI academy any day or anytime in my book. I also think that the Sheriff reserve program is a good thing for the community. Those reserve deputies can be used in the jail and to help deliver papers and this will free up the fully trained deputies to do the other work. To me that’s good thinking and save the tax payers money while helping to train new people. After all that’s how our current Sheriff got his start. Never talk bad about anyone’s “Mother”. That’s just not right.

          • Back in the early ’70’s there was a “backlash” against negative ads, and people cleaned up their campaigns a little bit. Things have slid right back into the mud over the years. I think we may be approaching another backlash situation. People are sick of the nastiness, and it is one reason so few people show up to vote. I wouldn’t donate to the PAC that did these mailers, because I think they spend money stupidly.

            • The Turtle has apparently authorized a novel attempt at voter suppression in Kentucky. Grimes has properly sued for injunctive relief. More suits like this one could be helpful if they lessen the occurence of misleading ads and attempts to keep voters away from the polls.

              Gotta hand it to Mitch, he waited until just before the election to unleash his best filth.

            • V,
              Good article. As politcally charged as Common Core has become you do have to read things like Nelson’s column as you said, carefully. I think she fleshed it out pretty well. However, I stand in strong oppositon to some of the 5th grade math standards. I believe they were instituted to embarrass good adults. If a cadre of 5th graders range north over that money savin’ bridge to math-slap me, it could be time for remediation.

            • Other issues have some numbers that really have impact with your local school board as well as Kentucky’s . A money saving bridge needed, as well to bridge this gap, crevasse ,or canyon for sure.
              When one realizes how many teachers are involved in multiple job spouse household type situations as they are. People who are working to knock out a decent household living, this has affect as well.
              Probably of little concern to the superintendent and his wife, but to some others it probably means a blue ton. When one thinks of compounded retirement funds over a career persons tenure it really gets crumby.
              Got this yesterday it too needs a darn vocal holler across the hollows to the south also.

              THE WHITE HOUSE
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              Women who work full-time still earn just 78 cents for every dollar that men earn. That’s why President Obama supports the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help women fight for the equal pay they deserve.

              And that’s why President Obama was in Rhode Island today. He spoke about what we can do as a country to help women succeed, saying, “We have to raise our voices to demand that women get paid fairly.”

              So if you agree that women deserve equal pay, here’s one of the best ways you can help make it a reality: Forward this email, and share the message on Facebook or Twitter.

          • Agreed ! Very Well Said.
            BTW the “appointed” Sheriff’s opponents name is Kirk BYRAM.

      • Don’t forget that Smith negotiates with the Evansville Teachers Association, and all the other unions and organized groups claiming to be trying to hold the salaries to “reasonable” levels. I see a conflict of interest when he is negotiating huge increases for teachers at the high end of the scale, both in years of service and education attainment, especially when his wife is a member of this group. Their salaries have increased $20,000 in the past ten years. Do you know anyone who has been so lucky?

        Possibly the school board should appoint a negotiator to fill this position when this situation occurs. Consider it to be for “the good of the children”, like it would leave more money in the General Fund for direct educational funding.

    2. Yes, its always for the good of the children……..How many times have you seen or heard that statement???? I say cut Smith’s and all other admins salaries by 10% FOR 2015 . Remember, its all for the good off the children.

    3. Please, please, please, for STUDENTS, parents, families, custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, para-professionals, principals, and teachers, VOTE FOR JAN STRICKLIN FOR SCHOOL BOARD.

      #92 on the ballot

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