EPD Detectives Shared Lead Information Resulting in Bank Robbery Arrests


EPD Detectives Shared Lead Information Resulting in Bank Robbery Arrests

JUNE 18, 2024

In August of 2023, Evansville’s Indiana Members Credit Union was robbed by an unidentified male.

Once he secured money, he fled to an awaiting car nearby. Evansville detectives identified a potential suspect vehicle after a neighborhood canvas which included reviews of residential, commercial, and law enforcement (FLOCK) camera footage. This lead information was distributed via law enforcement information-sharing databases. Due to the nature of the robbery, EPD also sought assistance from the Federal Bureau of
Investigations (FBI).

Approximately three months later a second bank, in Tennessee, was robbed under similar circumstances. Using EPD’s lead information and information gathered during their investigation, Tennessee investigators were able to identify two persons of interest in their robbery. In May of this year, a third bank robbery occurred in Kentucky, with the MO being the same as the previous two bank robberies.

With the help of multiple agencies and information gathered/shared, on June 13th search warrants and arrest warrants were executed at a residence in Tennessee. Market Wynn (25) and Stephen Hampton (25) were arrested for the bank robbery that occurred in Kentucky; they are presumed to be the same suspects in the bank robberies that occurred in Indiana and Tennessee.

These arrests come after nearly a year-long joint investigation between the Evansville Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Kentucky State Police, Tennessee Highway Patrol, Manchester Police Department (TN), Metro Nashville Police Department (TN), Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, and Lexington Police Department (KY). As of now Wynn and Hampton have been arrested for the bank robbery that occurred in Kentucky and are likely the same suspects to have robbed Evansville’s
Indiana Members Credit Union. Additional charges are likely.

The work that our Evansville Police Department Detectives put into this investigation prompted a multi-jurisdictional investigation leading to two arrests and the recovery of a significant amount of money. They are to be commended for the detail, effort, and time they put into the resolution of this case and for helping to put a
stop to these offenders robbing additional banks. We are appreciative of the working relationship between our agency and the other agencies who were involved in this case.

FOOTNOTE: Reported by Special Projects Coordinator Taylor Merriss tmerriss@evanF