Louisa Royer Captured Guinness World Record


Louisa Royer Captured Guinness World Records As The Youngest Female Drone Videographer

At just 8 years and 258 days old, Louisa Royer captured the attention of the drone community and secured a spot in the Guinness World Records as the youngest female drone videographer. Her journey to this achievement began with simple curiosity and has since soared to remarkable heights.

Louisa’s fascination with drones started when she was 7, through educational videos on YouTube Kids. “I asked for a drone as a gift because I love science, and it seemed like a fun way to explore the world from a different viewpoint,” she recalls. Her passion for travel, shared with her family on trips to places like Japan, Australia, Korea, Ireland, England, Germany, Romania, and Hungary, provided ample opportunities to hone her skills. A recommendation from her science teacher to compile her best footage for film festivals turned what was a hobby into a serious pursuit.

The idea to chase a world record came from her love of the Guinness World Records YouTube channel. “I found out about the youngest drone users and discovered a record held by a 13-year-old boy who used drones for mapping,” Louisa explains. This discovery motivated her to apply for the title of the youngest female drone videographer.

Louisa’s film of her drone videography, “Dangerous Plants”, was accepted and won awards at multiple international film festivals (Thunderbird Drone Festival, Bloomington International Film Festival, and the Arizona Drone Film Festival).  She received the award for “Best New Pilot” at the Arizona Drone Film Festival on October 7, 2023  when she was 8 years, 258 days old and allowing her to win the Guinness World Record  for “Youngest Drone Videographer (female).”

The challenges were significant, especially learning the nuances of flying drones safely across various countries. “Understanding how to safely fly the drone in different locations was tough. You have to be very aware of your surroundings to avoid airports and obstacles like power lines or trees,” she states.  Flying the drone in the USA required her to take and pass a drone safety course from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Winning the record was an exhilarating experience for Louisa. “It’s amazing! It feels great, and all of my friends and family are very proud of me,” she beams. This recognition has brought her immense joy and encouragement from her loved ones.

Beyond drones, Louisa is a vibrant girl with diverse interests. “I really love science and math. I enjoy gardening with my parents, playing Minecraft with my siblings, playing soccer and taking care of my pet cat, Luna,” she shares. In addition to her pet cat, she also has a love for Axolotls.

Louisa’s ambitions don’t stop at her current record. She’s focused on enhancing her drone skills and is intrigued by the possibilities of drone cartography.  She hopes to be able to fly her drone in all 7 continents (she’s done 3 so far).  “I’d also really like to attempt a record regarding Minecraft, but I haven’t looked into those records yet,” she adds, hinting at more Guinness World Record endeavors in her future.

For others dreaming of their own records, Louisa offers words of encouragement: “Keep trying even if it seems difficult at first. You never know what can happen if you keep doing things you love.”