John Krull, Dean Of Franklin College School Of Journalism Franklin, TN
APRI 3, 2024
Dear John
The purpose of this letter is to serve as an introduction to the history of the operations of the City-County Observer, which has served the people of Vanderburgh County, Indiana over the last 22 years. We have highlighted some of our most impactful reporting that has saved the people of Vanderburgh County tens of millions of dollars by avoiding both governmental actions and utility rate increases.
The report on the history of the City-County Observer is attached as a part of this document and addresses our philosophy, financial results, and expansion opportunities
We are looking forward to discussing with you and the investors a business opportunity in purchasing the City-County Observer shortly.
Best Regards,
Ron H. Cosby, CEO of City-County Observer
                            OVERVIEW OF THE CITY-COUNTY OBSERVER
The mission of the City-County Observer is to serve our community by reporting news built on honesty, trust, and journalistic integrity. Our publication is designed to provide “our readers with the information they need to live safer and more enriched lives. We consider the CityCounty Observer to be a “Beacon of Light” for our Community with a continuous focus on good public policy.
                            MISSION OF THE CITY-COUNTY OBSERVER
For more than twenty-two (22) years, the City-County Observer has served Evansville/Vanderburgh County and Southwest Indiana by reporting on issues and events that shape the lives of our citizens. The publication is built on the cornerstones of service and trust. It is nonpartisan with consistent and objective reporting.
The City-County Observer is published daily online and mobile and in our printed monthly paper at no cost. Our monthly print papers are available in many locations throughout Evansville/Vanderburgh County at no cost.
Our free publication is solely supported by local advertising. dollars.
It is widely believed that there is a major void for accurate, truthful, and nonpartisan news throughout the United States, and this need has never been more evident than now.
It is a known fact that national newspaper conglomerates have put their shareholder’s financial interests and ideological dogma over providing their readers with accurate and unbiased news.
Based upon the above premise we decided to create a locally-owned community newspaper that reports the news and does not engage in publishing unvetted rumors as though it was accurate news.
It is very important to stress that the City-County Observer respects and honors the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for the for a redress of grievances.”
Also, let us not forget that “When people Fear The Government There Is Tyranny But When The Government Fear The People There Is Liberty!” (Thomas Jefferson)
A . Several Vanderburgh County elected officials quietly contrived a financial scheme to take away the Homestead Tax Credit from the citizens of our county. The City-County Observer was informed by several city and county employees of their concerns about the actions of some elected officials to quietly eliminate the entire HOMESTEAD TAX CREDIT in Vanderburgh County Indiana. If the scheme to negate the Homestead Tax Credit scheme had been successful, this would have cost the homeowners in our community approximately fifteen (15) million dollars per year in perpetuity.  We also exposed this scheme and the issue was quickly abandoned by our elected officials.
B. The City-County Observer was informed by several civic-minded individuals that local elected officials were ready to invest in a very questionable and non-vetted business venture known as Earthcare Energy Corporation. Earthcare Energy Corporation promised our elected officials to manufacture a device that uses a natural gas pipeline pressure reduction valve to generate power. The City-County Observer proved that this device was not patented as it was represented to be and not proven to be commercially feasible. Furthermore, we exposed the reality that the Earthcare Energy Corporation owner’s and manager’s commitment to our elected officials was hyped beyond reasonable expectations for a technically informed professional. The City of Evansville elected officials stated that the city would provide a five (5) million dollar loan to Earthcare Energy Corporation and pay for its rent at the location of an abandoned factory at the Evansville Airport./. State incentives also include one (1) million in tax credits for the Earthcare Energy business venture
When all was said and done, the majority of the Evansville City Council members voted (in a split vote) to advance Earthcare Energy Corporation a sum of $250,000 in seed money to begin this project. Three (3) months after receiving the $250,000 startup money from the City of Evansville Earthcare Energy Corporation left town without meeting any of the commitments concerning this bogus startup business venture.
The majority of the elected officials who did not heed the City-County Observer’s advice concerning this failed business venture either did not run for reelection or were defeated in their reelection bids.
                             FUTURE PUBLISHING OPPORTUNITIES
We have always believed that there would be an opportunity for new owners TO expand our publishing business model into different markets of similar size.
The City-County Observer owners are at a point in life to consider a reasonable offer to purchase our publication.
                            THE CITY–COUNTY OBSERVER STAFF
                                            Ron Cosby-Publisher and CEO
                        Marilyn Cosby-Assistant Publisher-Secretary and Treasurer
     Johnny Kincaid, Jay Young, Michael Daughtery, Dannie McIntire Contributing Writer
                                         Jim Staley -Ad designer
                                              Xyan Adkisson – IT 
                                                           CLOSING REMARKS
We have over one hundred independent contributors of content so we can keep our readers informed about local happenings. Some of these contributors choose to remain anonymous and we honor their wishes. These contributors are a critical component of our “IS IT TRUE” section and the investigative articles that help us expose unethical behavior and bad public policy of our elected and appointed officials.  The information that is provided by our Independent Contributors, helps us ensure that our readers clearly understand that the City-County Observers’ mission is to influence good public policy at all times.
The City-County Observer is fortunate to be a media partner with the Franklin College StateHouse Files.
During the last twenty-two (22) years, the City-County Observer has built a phenomenal network of local businesses, not-for-profit groups, entertainment venues, schools and colleges, and local and state law enforcement agencies, political individuals, and organizations that provide our publication with daily up-to-date breaking news and informative articles.
The City-County Observer also has many citizens from our local community who provide our publication with content and articles of significance throughout the year.
City-County Observer. do not charge our readers a subscription fee assures that people are reading our papers and picking up printed papers at many locations throughout the city. The viewership being free helps to maximize our advertiser’s exposure.
The City-County Observer has no outstanding debt.
The City-County Observer doesn’t have any current, past, or pending lawsuits.
All current and past taxes have been paid.
All of our capital equipment is paid for.
To save money, the City-County Observer is produced out of our home.
The most impressive aspect of the City-County Observer is we have a special financial arrangement with the majority of our advertisers. They pay us a year in advance for advertising.
We consistently maintain a $75,000 plus balance in our business checking account.
We sponsor an Annual “Community Service Awards Luncheon” which, honors individuals that have contributed to the betterment of our community. Our Annual Awards Luncheon generates an impressive profit for the CCO.