Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that the leadership area “SmokeFree” group can’t  get an appointment with the Mayor of Evansville until mid March?  …the reason given was the Mayors schedule is full until that time?

IS IT TRUE we are wondering what the status for Comp Time Bank Buy-Out option for members of the Evansville Fire Department?
IS IT TRUE that Evansville City Council had nothing to do with the city deciding not to fund Comp Time Bank  Buy-Out option for the Police Department in 2014?  … the only cuts City Council made had to the 2014 City Budget had to do with COLA increases, Capital Improvement projects and not cuts in wages, employee benefits or overtime funding issues?
IS IT TRUE that a review of the City of Evansville legal fees paid in 2013 and recently submitted to the CCO by the City of Evansville shows that at least $3,035,930 was paid by the City of Evansville to attorneys for legal services performed on its behalf in 2013?

 IS IT TRUE that at least $1.3 million was paid to the law firm of the Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel & Shoulders, LLP for legal services as corporation counsel for the City of Evansville in 2013?  …this figure doesn’t include other Boards or Agencies legal work proformed by Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel & Shoulders for Area Plan, DMD or the Airport Authority District?

IS IT TRUE that Faegre Baker Daniels, the law firm employing former City of Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel, received legal fees of at least $924,644 for services in 2013?   …we are stunned to see that nearly 1/3 of the legal fees paid by the City of Evansville in 2013 went to the law firm employing former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel?

 IS IT TRUE that the City of Evansville also paid the Indianapolis law firm of Barnes & Thornburg, LLP the sum of $611,097 in legal fees in 2013?   … that nearly half of the legal fees ($1.5 million) paid by the City of Evansville in 2013 were paid to law firms with their main offices located in Indianapolis, not Evansville?

IS IT TRUE  you should read next weeks IS IT TRUE section for similar information that we have obtained from our Freedom Of Information Requests to the City Of Evansville?


      • Phyllip is alright, I think he believes in what he is doing. But I have said before and will say it to him again, Parkes and Winnecke are going to burn him if he stays close to them. Phyllip, they are not like you.

  1. Looks like an Evansville law student should open a local practice in Indy.

    I’m joining the protest at the polls.

  2. This really pisses me off. If I was a practicing attorney in Evansville I would be mad as hell. This is influence peddling and political patronage at it’s worst. Its time City Council bring legal work back in house.

  3. I can’t believe that the Mayor would allow this type of thing to happen to the taxpayers of this community. Looks like he really taking care of his top political fundraiser, Ted Ziemer.

  4. Hey Wayne is Winnecke up to 88% approval rating by now!! Conmen at best cronyism at its worst! Poor leadership has its cause and effect as shown over the last two mayors!

  5. The mayor doesn’t have time for the smokefree communities group who are progressing Evansville by leaps and bounds yet he has time to do a grandiose golden shovel event with group photos? What a joke.

  6. This is just one more of a series of things that make Evansville look foolish. The Mayor isn’t all that busy, he’s avoiding the mess he’s aided in making. What have we elected?

    • If it wasn’t that taxpayers will eventually be ripped off by this, lets face it that’s what usually happens, this would be humorous.

      So Evansville keeps bouncing from Democrat mayors with their foibles to Republican mayors and their foibles. Don’t be surprised with the next mayor being a Democrat and guess what? They will have their foibles and Evansville continues to lurch in one direction and the next and never really making any progress and continually being an embarrassment. We already know just how screwed up Democrat and Republican mayors are and have been, maybe its time a Tea Party mayor be given a chance. Could they really be any worse?

          • Anyone who says all the world’s problems are 100% the other side’s fault is very suspect.

          • LOL. Long time no speak Regulator. Nothing wrong with Attila that a slight attitude adjustment wouldn’t have cured.

          • We are not discussing “all the worlds” problems here, just dinky ole Evansville and the waffling between the two main political parties running the city.

  7. IS IT TRUE that the leadership area “SmokeFree” group can’t get an appointment with the Mayor of Evansville until mid March?

    “thoroughly defunct, dead, expired”

    This parrot is no more.

  8. It’s March 2nd and still no audit report. Also, Rumplebeancounter is two days late on filing his 2013 annual report. I haven’t seen Sheldon Cooper around lately until I turned on SNL last night. What in the world do Airhead, Shamu, and Cowabunga do all day? They’ve been on the audit for 9 months!

  9. There is only about a gazillion auto bank reconciliation software programs out there. If you keep enough money in the account the bank(s) would probably give it to the city for free.

    Poor Rumple. He’s probably wondering why he signed up for this accounting combat mission.

    There are only a few possible answers.

    A) The mess they inherited is just complete gobbledygook and there is just no way untangle all the knots.

    B) Money is missing or unaccounted for and some people within the machine could be implicated.

    C) They found where the money went but who it went to would be very embbarssing to reveal.

    D) They are incompetent.

    E) They are stalling for time because of one of the above.

  10. Why is city council allowing city legal fees costs go uncheck? Shouldn’t city council openly question the overall charges by Ted Ziemer and firm for over the top legal costs?

  11. Shoulders represents a herd of junk appointed cronies.All of the cities legal should be handled by 1 law firm, to be BID once a year. You can’t double bill if yu are working yearly instead of hourly. 3 million plus is a robbery of the taxpayers. When you have blank sheet its too easy to just jot down an hour here and 2 there, the admin. won’t question, they want the eection donation.

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