Horning Predicts The “Unpredictable”


Horning Predicts the “Unpredicted”

JULY 2, 2022

Freedom, IN – This past Wednesday, at the European Central Bank’s annual policy forum in Portugal, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, said, “I think we now understand better how little we understand about inflation.” He also claimed that “This was unpredicted.”

That’s either intentional deceit or inexcusable ignorance.

Lots of us have predicted the “unpredicted,” and not only Nobel Prize-winning economists. I certainly have; in writing, campaigns and in protests. And not only this recent hockey-stick acceleration of the inflation ongoing for more than a hundred years. What’s now called “Modern Monetary Theory,” or MMT, is described and debunked in a whole chapter of my book, “The Truth about Excelsior.”

This is not just the historical and anti-constitutional problem with moneychangers, though I do agree they should bechased away with a whip of cords. The whole raison d’être of Central Banks is to monetize political debt – to make future generations pay for today’s selfish, myopic politics. Both Democratic and Republican Party politicians have been playing “Good Cop/ Bad Cop” to win public support for ever-more government power and ever-fewer human rights, prosperity, security, justice, and freedom. What’s consistent between those evil twins is that government spending, debt, corruption, divisiveness and destruction grows, no matter which of the two crony puppet parties wins.

The almost inevitable “red wave” of GOP victories will not only not fix this – it will continue our acceleration to self-destruction.

There is a fix for this, and much more besides. But it’s up to voters to make that change by using their votes as intended – as weapons of peaceful revolution.

Liberty or Bust!

Andy Horning

Freedom, Indiana

FOOTNOTE:  *See “Eight Steps to Success” at https://wedeclare.wordpress.com/2017/12/15/eight-steps-to-success/ and https://wedeclare.wordpress.com/2016/08/31/money-politics-and-central-banks/



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