Jeff Hales recently announced that he is officially filing his candidacy for the Sheriff Of Vanderburgh County on the Republican ticket.

Jeff made his announcement in front of many of his friends and members of his family. Currently, Jeff is the only Republican who has filed for this position.

Posted Below Is Mr. Hales Campaign Announcement Speech For The Vanderburgh County Sheriff Position

My name is Jeff Hales and I am running as your Republican candidate to be the next Sheriff of Vanderburgh County. I am 56 years old and was born right here in Evansville, IN. In 1972 my family and I moved to Princeton. I attended Temple Christian Academy from 1976 to the time of my graduation in 1983. I attended Oakland City College for a brief period before following my patriotic calling and joining the United States Navy in 1985.

I graduated from boot camp in Orlando, FL in February of 1986 before attending jet aircraft maintenance school in Millington, TN. In 1986 I was stationed at Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville where I started my first enlistment of working on jet aircraft engines. My first daughter was born in 1988 at NAS Jax. I re-enlisted in 1990 for another four years and was subsequently stationed in Atlanta, GA where I continued to work on aircraft. My second daughter was born in 1991 in Rome, GA. I decided in late 1993 that I wanted to move back to Evansville to raise my family and pursue my dream of being a Police Officer.

I was Honorably discharged from the Navy in February of 1994 and moved back to Evansville. I accepted a position as a Corrections Officer with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office in July. I worked as a Corrections Officer until being hired by the Evansville Police Department in April of 1999 and attended the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield later that year. I worked approximately seven years in motor patrol, approximately six years as a Crime Prevention Officer, and my final seven years as a Detective.

I retired from the EPD in 2019. Since my retirement, I have missed being in law enforcement, and feel that I still want and need to contribute to my community in a positive and meaningful way. After being encouraged by friends and family, I started eying the 2022 Sheriff’s race. I reached out to members of the Vanderburgh County Republican party and found that no one had indicated their desire to run for office. After constructing an exploratory committee, I found that I had ample support to run for Sheriff.

On January 12, 2022, I officially declared my candidacy to run for the Office of Sheriff of Vanderburgh County. My committee and I look forward to connecting with the residents of Vanderburgh County so that we can learn how to better serve its citizens. Find us on most Social Media platforms to learn more about me and my vision of a better Vanderburgh County




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