Mayor Winnecke’s LST 325 Peoria Statement‏


December 12, 2013


“We continue to have discussions with the LST leadership that are positive and candid. They are fully aware of our city’s desire to keep the LST 325 in Evansville. The LST leadership has kept our administration informed of their discussions with other cities, and we understand they are doing their due diligence exploring all options. The leadership has asked to resume talks with Evansville following the LST 325 board meeting in Peoria in January.”

– Lloyd Winnecke, Mayor

City of Evansville


  1. I went to the LST once, thought “wow neat” and never went back. It’s a cool boat, but is it really that important as a tourist draw? Historically it’s great, but how many people actually came to Evansville JUST to see the LST?

    If we are going to keep the LST, let’s move it out of Marina Pointe. It’s out of the way and that entire area is so crappy looking, I don’t want visitors seeing it anyway. I wish the Reickens would clean that area up. Looks like a dump!

    • My wife and I went to visit it and balked at the price of the ticket. I think we went and saw a movie instead.

  2. I agree that when you visited the LST once you never go back. Waste of taxpayers dollars. Let another city take on the financial burden.

  3. Winnecke needs to quit messing around with the LST’s fate. The current company that just purchased the Port of Evansville, purchased it for $5.8 million. The city needs to buy the port and move the company further down towards Howell (when is the slack water port going to happen?).

    Yes this will take several million but that’s the price you pay for quality things. Drop the dog park idea and use the funds that is currently projected to go for this new boondoggle idea of a med school on the greyhound bus lot.

    The fact that Peoria and New Albany have already made moves while Winnecke has just taken a tour and sat on a missile launcher just proves he doesn’t get it.

    If I were the LST I would have gone to New Albany yesterday. This will be one of the biggest consequences for not focusing on a master plan and not having city priorities properly aligned.

    • Actually Rails,if studied from afar,such as orbit “right now, as of todays Ohio river levels” “the natural pathway of the Ohio river builds the slack water port for you.”
      Nationwide when America wakes up and accepts carbon sequestration maybe something like this “can be moved forward.” If structured engineered,applied and managed the Horseshoe Bend Port of Evansville could become an “effective incremental Global Trade Commerce carbon reduction asset”,plus an amazing slack water port and recreational boating attraction.
      Same river,with flows managed for best carbon balances study New Orleans as well. Miles covered by barge shipping and fuel carbons reductions, better flood management, more actual river infrastructure throughput to the gulf from the upper Ohio river commerce infrastructures.
      Every approachable Bend we build to maintain now (Bank stability structures) such as this in the “entire nations river systems” can be managed as such. BTW,multiple diversion channels can be developed for lower carbon power generation, as well.
      Along with heads-up wildlife management and planning for true carbon costing moved forward the commerce benefit is worth the look,if by commercial passage fuel costing alone. Someday in the near future maybe this country will find through adapting for Climate Change the natural ecosystem can help us,if we just quit fighting it,and “go with the flow”. We’ve built canals and inter-coastal waterways in every other region of the planet(including Indiana) only trying to speed things up.usually, “fails”. This to myself as I actually study carbon sequestration and the commerce it creates if accepted,becomes more like what Mel Blanc made good jokes of.

      “Like The road between Ft Worth and Dallas,no curves.”(Foghorn Leg Horn)

      • Also,with the beforementioned enhanced naturally balanced slack water port of the carbon sequestered future. The LST could at port closer to the actual riverfront of Evansville. Closer to the museum vista and Green way passage in front just downstream of the Visitors and Conventions Pagoda at Sunset park. Only kidding,”whoda ever thunk it”,go to “your downtowns Plaza” to board the historical LST tourist attraction,as well.

  4. I say let it go:

    1. It’s just a relic of Evansville when it was prosperous. Like the dead manufacturing buildings along Morgan Ave. and Fulton Ave.

    2. Maybe Evansville can afford road salt with the money saved.

      • Open the lens a bit Brad, The big picture usually includes the details in the pencil point. Good focus though,keep it up.

    • Well look at that this way, Hoyt,mankind has become what it is today chasing salt,historically. Anthropologically.
      We have evolved our industrious nature enough that we don’t need it for the same reasoning as we used to, as of to date.
      However, with the application of road salt,I’m really glad you see that as the solution to you immediate road problems,works right,why change right?
      I have some reasons finding better sequestered solutions that work without the fluxing of the roads in the first place,and they are community related and they do create new pathways for commerce so as maybe,those old factories, as well as, the people who contributed to your local economy might have an viable innovative growth oriented revenue function forward,there. Maybe I need to talk to those Traylor Brothers,or maybe Koester construction,Area construction trades,the skilled trade unions,seems those fellas might be in the business for some revenue growth solutions,right, Hoyt.

      We donn’n.. neeeed….noh.. stinkin salt..! 🙂

      • Dang,observations tell me the Nations northeastern transportation commerce matrix is going to get walloped again by the weather (hearing that wall street?). Maybe I should look there for application pathways to improve logistical transportation commerce infrastructure sequestering forward? Heck even California and Texas got thumped last week,as well. (Needs)

  5. It looks cool from the water. I’ve never actually been on it personally and id think that the majority hasnt either. Maybe the can build a bigger tiki bar in its place.

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