Local businessman and Henderson Kentucky, Kentucky native go County.
DOM COSBY is the owner of Trinity Tech Solutions  Dom is an authorized retailer for Dish TV, DirecTV, Hughes Nest, Vivint Home Security, and AT&T Products.  Dom has been in business since September 2017. He said, “the main thing I love about business is getting the opportunity to provide jobs to our community”.
Cosby coached tennis at Mater High as an assistant for 5 years.  He also owns “Tennis Bandit” a company that sells tennis clothing and accessories. The profits from the sale of tennis accessories help provide a means for underprivileged children to play tennis.
Dom has dabbled in music since 2013, but recently he has spent more time in the recording studio.  He created a new song about his truck, it just so happens he drives a Ford Truck.  He just wanted to produce a song about his Ford Truck but it so happened that it sounds like a Ford ad.  This wasn’t his intention, but the way it turned out.
Cosby said, “My genre is not really a genre yet, that’ why I label it “Country Rap.”
“Most people frown upon the genre because it’s not a traditional country.”  “People ask me all the time what makes you country I tell them that’s the way I was raised.”
Growing up we never just listen to “Hip Hop” music. I had cousins that always listened to country music, while others listen to “Rap” music. I never put myself in a one-box category.  Being from a diverse background, I chose to make music that brings both of my lives together, both the “Rural Dom” and the “City Dom”.
Footnotes:  Song Title: Big Ol’ Truck by Kentucky Dom
Is on all music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, and Amazon.
Social media accounts @kentucky_dom and Email:


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