10410980_1401325323492827_4745343901289356700_nIn a interview with Steve Davis this evening he provided us with his insight on the upcoming 2015 Mayors race.  Steve Davis is a declared candidate for the 2nd Ward City Council seat now being held by Democrat Missy Mosby.  Mr. Davis will be running against City Councilwoman Missy Mosby in the Democratic primary.


    Question: Wii  you support a Gail Riecken if she decides to run for Mayor?

    Answer: I support Gail  Riecken for Mayor 100%.  I know that she will run the kind of grass roots campaign that would make Rick Davis proud.

    Question: Why do you think Gail Riecken should be the next Mayor of Evansville?

    Answer: Gail Riecken has proven leadership in administrative and legislative roles. She has served as a City Councilperson, the Director of the Parks Department and as a State Legislator.

    Representative Riecken is the right person during this economically trying time for Evansville. She has built lasting relationships all over the state and knows every area of government. Her experience and strong advocacy for working men and women will generate the economic development Evansville deserves quality jobs with living wages.

    Riecken understands that Evansville needs to invest in its people and not spend money we don’t have on fun and games. She sees the overspending that is occurring and will make the tough decisions as to where our money should go to maximize infrastructure improvements and job creation.

    Question: Do you have an example of what’s wrong with the current Mayor’s spending?

    Answer: The downtown hotel project should be stopped to ensure that the funds are available for the medical school. Once the medical school is here, the hotel will build itself without a subsidy from the taxpayers. Our current mayor has ignored the obvious warning signs of budget deficiencies and difficulty selling bonds while continuing to over spend on a monthly basis.

    Question: How do you feel about the local Democrat Party?

    Answer: The Democrat Party is full of dedicated men and women who are already putting their differences aside to work together for the betterment of Evansville. Everywhere I go people are ready for strong leadership. Democrats will provide that leadership. I’m proud to call myself a Democrat and to work with other local Democrats.

    Question: Will the local Democrat Party be unified behind Gail  Riecken if she runs for Mayor?

    Answer: Yes. I see all walks of the Democrat Party excited and unified in their support of Gail Riecken for Mayor. We have an opportunity to put one of the state’s best public servants in the Mayor’s office here in Evansville. As a community we cannot afford four more years of the current administration.



    1. Exciting words and a fresh honest face.
      That’s all I KNOW. … I will follow my gut on this for now.
      Welcome Steve!

      • Honest, hardworking, and owned by no one-I admire all of the Davis’, I always will.

    2. Steve will definitely be no one’s rubber stamp, but will vote for the best interests of everyone in Evansville. His, and the Davis family’s endorsement of Gail Reicken is a positive step towards unifying the party.

    3. Finally!!! The citizens of the 2nd Ward have a true Democrat to represent them. Steve Davis is right about Evansville’s economic future being in trouble with Winnecke in charge. When we have Mayor Riecken at the helm and Councilman Davis in the 2nd Ward Evansville will be safe from utter madness. Great to see Democrats getting their act together.

    4. An important endorsement for Mrs. Riecken. One with reasons and substance. I hope it helps her make a decision to run.

      • Gail is part of the democrat power structure. She has rode on the backs of the local taxpayers all of her adult life. A lifelong professional politician. Winnecke/Weinzapfel light. We need someone outside the local professional politician arena, the only way we will ever get change. I’m sure she will get the unions endorsement, if she wins she will be in office when we finally win the race to the bottom.

    5. I look forward to working with both Gail and Steve after the 2015 election. They are both true Democrats and understand what is important to the every day citizens of Evansvllle. The 2nd Ward representative now is a closet Republican and only supports this free spending administration, while she and her Republican side kick Weaver attack the true Democrats on the council.

      • You democrats went all out for Winnecke for mayor. Now that the Weinzapfel chickens are coming home to roost it’s time to throw Winnecke under the train. Tell us about the 9-0 vote for the water meter fiasco? Tell us about the earthscam vote? Tell us about the hotel giveaway? The list is a mile long and your name is on all of it. No doubt Winnecke sold his soul to the unions and democrats to become mayor and now he must pay the consequences. Hopefully he will come clean and tell us about the democrat rats nest he inherited. Gail has a part in all of the underhanded slime that has marred this city down. The parks department showed no improvement during her tenure. You are upset with Missy because she throw your stuff in the street, you got caught drinking on duty. You are the most vindictive member on the city council, just what we need, not.

        • The vote related to Johnson Control was not whether to do the project. It was for the financing. The IURC governs water and approved the contract that had already been signed. The project would have happened with or without a city council approval. City council only governs the sewer side and can impact the rate on a loan.
          Lindsey voted against Earthcare Energy. Mosby voted for it.
          Lindsey was part of the team that reduced the insanity of a 38.5 million bond on the hotel to 20 million. Mosby would have voted for 38.5 million and said as much publicly.
          Riecken did as well as anyone running the parks. This is a department that has needed to shed green space and reorganize for decades. It’s the person in the Mayor’s office that won’t let it happen. Mosby voted to add 25 acres of Roberts Park to a budget that can’t afford to take care of what already exists. Lindsey voted against it.
          Technically, a city council person is on duty whenever they are in public. Under that sort of analysis, Mosby and Weaver are most guilty of drinking on the job.
          How can you call Lindsey vindictive when Mosby tried to get him fired? There’s not much worse in the vindictiveness arena than going after someone’s job.

          • Thank you, ToP, for clarifying the process of IURC and the Johnson Controls deal. I had thought that was how it worked, but wasn’t sure.
            As for your comments concerning Al Lindsey, you’re spot-n. Councilman Lindsey takes representing the Sixth Ward very seriously, and does it very well. I think that fact will earn him another term if he chooses to seek it, which I expect him to. Main St. should look like Franklin Street!

          • If you don’t finance it, it doesn’t happen. Why did Jack McNelly have to go before the CC to get the vote changed to 9-0? Why did Connie Robinson Publicly state that she would not have voted for it if she had of known the full impact. Al is lucky he wasn’t fired, drinking on duty is a public safety issue, I doubt it was the first time he drink on duty, just the first time he was caught. Lindsay and the whole bunch, excluding SBR are mindless followers of the local democrat party, SBR blind sided them and made them look stupid.

            • Missy,weaver,j friend,c Robinson ,( doc Adams just likes the koolaid )and c odaniel ,don’t need any help looking stupid ,trouble is they are not stupid just greedy.
              Mr. Lindsey and SBR are doing the honest and best job they can with what they have to work with,,,remember they have to be extremely cautious with these backstabbers that are full of crap and venomous ways

    6. I am looking forward to working to elect both Mr. Davis and Mrs. Riecken. Their elections will be a giant step in the right direction for Evansville. It is time for Rob Faulker to step out of the way and let the party heal under competent leadership.

    7. Can’t wait to vote for both of them. New direction for Evansville is much needed. Hope one thing they start on is our roads. Who wants to travel on roads that not only takes you from point A to B, but also makes a pit-stop at the local tire shop? Good luck to them.

    8. I look forward to Gail Riecken becoming the Mayor of our great city. Steve Davis is 100% correct, we need to end the financial disaster that Mayor Winnecke has created while receiving 100% support from Missy Mosby. Missy Mosby has been Winnecke’s Chief-of-Staff on city council. She definitely needs to go. Gail Riecken for Mayor + Steve Davis for 2nd Ward = Evansville Wins!

    9. You all need way more new people running, especially for mayor, that old machine baggage won’t help, if they could have, they would have before now. Damn, what a load of it. No wonder its as bad there as it is, you’re all pretty easy.

      • You didn’t get your talking points email saying how excited you were and how you were looking forward to helping the old machine candidate get elected?

        Hmm. Neither did I, but numerous old party Dems sure did.

    10. How did this interview? With the softball questions, it appears to be a faux interview.

      • My thoughts exactly. I would have ask Mr. Davis this question, Why would you want to associate yourself with a party that set out to destroy your brother? That’s not heresay, it was publicly admitted by numerous politicians, including Connie Robinson and Eric Williams, I was personally approached by a prominent politicans to vote against Rick. Not vote for Winnecke but vote against Rick. The democrats can spin it anyway the want to but it all started with Weinzapfel and the Fraud Center, the hotel and Roberts Park are by products of the Fraud Center. Neither one would be an issue if not for the Fraud Center. The whole water meter deal is nothing but union payback.

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