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2nd Hand Chic Offers Much More Than Just Another Consignment Experience



In 2002 Heather Ricketts was approached by her sister-in-law, Lori Ricketts, with an opportunity to start their own business on the west side of Evansville. Heather recognized the opportunity to do something she’d always wanted to do, and jumped on the idea. Having taken time to materialize their vision the two opened 2nd Hand Chic a short time later on Broadway Avenue. The two worked together for the first couple years until Lori left the business and opened an electrical contracting company with her husband. Since then Heather has moved the business to 716 N. Sonntag Ave. in the Westside Plaza next to El Charro.

The “Home Grown, Home Owned” 2nd Hand Chic specializes in woman’s and junior’s designer clothes and accessories. Due to the changing seasons the shop is always running a sale on certain items. 2nd Hand Chic has an outstanding turnover in terms of product and has over 950 consignees so there is always a nice variety of sizes and styles. 2nd Hand Chic is full of blouses, jeans, handbags, jackets, and suits and the store receives new items daily. “ I like my customers more than anything” said Heather, “I love the fact that my customers have the opportunity to make some money from their clothes rather than them going to landfills.”

Heather definitely experiences a symbiotic relationship with her customers, and it is not uncommon to see her staying open past her 5 pm closing time if there are people still interested in shopping through the many racks of clothing that fill her store. It is also often that Mrs. Ricketts pulls clothes off of the racks to give to any number of charity organizations. “Any product we have that does not sell we donate to charity.” Heather told me, “Currently we have given to the EVSC clothing bank, Ft. Campbell for soldiers and their families, different church clothing banks, as well as the victims of hurricane Katrina and the 2006 tornado that ripped through the tri-state area. Lately, we have been donating quite a bit to the Rescue Mission. It feels great to help and give back to those in need.”

Heather’s consignment shop is rated one of Evanville’s favorite consignment shops. This serves as not only a huge compliment but as a testament to the way Heather runs her business and treats those that shop in her store. In the past Heather has held fashion shows with the clothes from her store as well as other fun promotions. The best way to stay on top of these events is by checking in and liking 2nd Hand Chic’s Facebook page. The store also runs sales off of the Facebook page in the “mention this post” style as well as updates to new products the store receives. The store is currently having a sale on all winter products. 2nd Hand Chic’s store hours are Tuesday – Friday 10-5, and Saturday 11-3. The store is closed Sunday and Monday. Inquiring customer’s can reach Heather by calling the store at (812) 422-6273.