“IS IT TRUE” DEC 22, 2019


IS IT TRUE last year the Vanderburgh County Commission made an outstanding appointment to the Vanderburgh County Levee Board? …they appointed the popular licensed Ohio River Boat Capitan, Katie Riecken Parker to this Board?  …we congratulate all three County Commissions for making this outstanding appointment to this important County Board because she has proven to be an asset?

IS IT TRUE the silliest false claim ever made by local leaders was that moving Roberts Stadium from Boeke Road to the new downtown Ford Center would immediately constitute the creation of many new jobs?….to think that moving a job from point A to point B created a new job takes a special kind of stupid?

IS IT TRUE  we would like to thank Ella-Watson Johnson Evansville Water and Sewer Utitlies Department public relations officer forn sending us important news releases in a timely maanner?

IS IT TRUE that last year an compliance audit was conducted by the Housing and Urban Development Office of the Inspector General concerning the Evansville Housing Authority?  …that the Federal auditors stated that the EHA did not comply with federal guidelines during the renovations of hundreds of low-income housing units?  …we find that the comment made by the EHA CEO to the Evansville Courier and Press that the audit issues will be settled with little or no consequence to the agency to be insulting to the people conducting the audit  …that an official from the Office of the Inspector General told the Evansville Courier and Press that EHA “lacked a sufficient understanding of HUD’s requirements for housing quality standards and conflicts of interest. It also lacked an adequate quality control process?”  …we are surprised that the EHA Executive Director Rick Moore had the gall to publically state he disagreed with the conclusions of the Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General?  …we wonder how the Evansville Housing Authority have addressed the question costs cited in this report?

IT TRUE we are told that several people are wondering why DMD isn’t doing some street and sidewalks renovations in the Center City and West Franklin Street areas?  …they would also like for the DMD to give facade grants to existing businesses and low-interest loans to develop loft apartments in the Center City and  West Franklin Street area?

IS IT TRUE recently Saratoga Race Track and Casino recently purchased Ellis Park for an undisclosed amount of money? …at a recent news conference held at Ellis Park, the individuals representing the owners of Saratoga Race Track and Casino pledged that they are going to immediately address the obvious maintenance issues in order to make the track and casino more modern and customer friendly? …this is great news for the regular patrons at Ellis Park?

IS IT TRUE we wonder where the City is going to get the extra projected $3 million to dismantle the LST dock at Marina Pointe once the boat leaves that area? …we urge City Council member not to buy into the statement that a salvage company will dismantle the old LST dock located at Marina Point for salvage value only?

IS IT TRUE that City Councilwoman Missy Mosby would like to know why all of the LST Board Of Directors members live out of the area?  …could this be considered a “Taxation Without Representation” issue?

IS IT TRUE that downtown Evansville has two things going on right now of significance and the top one is the opening of the long-awaited Indiana University Medical School?…this is a project that has been in the works for over 10 years and it is finally happening?…the only disappointment is that the local nursing programs at IVY TECH have not been allowed to come downtown leaving the medical student  count at less than 100? …because of this decision, the IU Medical School will be less impactful on the downtown than the often projected student count of over 2,000 would have?

IS IT TRUE after spending two years in Evansville, The Small College Basketball Hall Of Fame has found new a new home?  ..yesterday it was announced that the 2018 Small College Basketball of Fame Induction Ceremony and Hall of Fame Classic will move to St. Joseph, Missouri, in conjunction with Missouri Western State and the St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau?  …that the Ford Center and the Evansville Sports Corporation jointly sponsored the Small College Basketball Hall Of Fame for the last two years?  …this situation is not only embarrassing to the Vanderburgh/Evansville Vistors and Convention Bureau but also to the Evansville Sports Corporation?  …we wonder how many thousands of dollars of taxpayers money was spent on this failed venture?

Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that the IU Medical school will have a major economic impact on downtown Evansville?

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