Senator Braun’s Weekly Update | Mexico Tariffs, USMCA, Remembering Hoosiers at D-Day


This week, Senator Braun provided a Main Street entrepreneur’s take on President Trump’s proposed tariffs with Mexico, urged Congress to put partisanship aside and approve the USMCA for Hoosier workers and farmers, made the case for the USDA to move research facilities to Indiana, and commemorated Hoosier veterans on the 75th anniversary of D-Day. 

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Senator Braun joined Varney & Co. on Fox Business  to discuss President Trump’s proposed tariffs on Mexico, Hoosier workers and farmers who need Congress to approve the USMCA, and if he’s actually enjoying his move from business to the dysfunction of Washington.

“I’m concerned if tariffs get put in place because the USMCA – that masterful agreement that is ready to go through - might be put it in peril. President Trump has done a great job negotiating with the Chinese, Canadians, and Mexicans, and I think here he needed to make a statement that they’re not helping out on border security and I’m hoping the tariffs don’t need to be used.”

Senator Braun penned an op-ed for The Daily Caller urging Democrats in Congress to put their partisan feud with President Trump aside and approve the much-needed USMCA trade deal for Hoosier workers and farmers.

“House Democrats have spent decades fundraising against NAFTA, but now that they have an opportunity to replace it with a better agreement — one that includes a minimum wage for Mexican auto workers and provisions to protect American jobs from unfairly traded Chinese products — they refuse to debate it on the floor of the House.”

Senator Braun and Congressman Jim Baird penned an op-ed for the Lafayette Journal & Courier encouraging the USDA to select Indiana as new location for a research facility out of the three finalists.

“As we come to a final decision about where the USDA’s Economic Research Service and National Institute of Food and Agriculture departments should relocate, USDA should consider a location that has access to America’s best research institutions so that they can draw on pre-existing expertise, as well as a location that facilitates a lower cost-of-living than in Washington, saving American taxpayers money in salaries and operating costs.

Senator Braun spoke to Abigail Robertson of Christian Broadcast Network to discuss President Trump’s Mexico tariffs and the state of the debate within the GOP.

This week, the entire Indiana Congressional Delegation introduced a bill to rename the Indianapolis Post Office after the late Senator Richard Lugar.

“Senator Richard Lugar is a towering figure in Hoosier history and one of the greatest statesmen ever to serve in the U.S. Senate: it’s only fitting for us to rename the Indianapolis Post Office after him.”