From the coffee shop annex stage of Wired to the luminescent orchestration of the Ford Center, to unforgettable Sunday night karaoke at Lamasco’s, music is a staple part of Evansville culture often overshadowed. Though limited venues and outlets, there is no shortage of artists. Between sentiments of pop and country alike, rock and metal often fall from the forefront. Since 2016, local quintet Torn Confidence has been striving to both make a name for heavy music in the midwest and infiltrate the norm of the Evansville demographic.

Torn Confidence is comprised of vocalist Jacob Wallace, guitarists Tyler Peterson and Chadric Zachary, bassist Trevor Collis and drummer Tristan Arnold. Quite literally from the farm, a slow-burning passion for catharsis kindled quickly.

“Hilariously enough, our group’s old practice spot was this little pig pen in Lynnville called ‘Peckerwood,’” says Arnold, who auditioned for the band in the pen after receiving an email asking for drummers to finish their current recording session.

In early 2017 the group recorded at Sicktones Studios, located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and ran by Jack Daniels of the world renown metal band War of Ages. Now former bassist Gage Otten served to record during these sessions.

“After having a session drummer track the first three songs, Tristan tracked the remaining songs,” Wallace said. “Before we entered the studio, we worked on getting our footing because this was our first time being in a serious band.”

The band’s debut EP “Disintegrate” was released January 10, 2018. Over six tracks, each member’s heart is strung out on their sleeves. The group offers a bold juxtaposition between both ends of the music spectrum. From the brooding melancholy of Wallace’s melody in “Take Heart” to the bellowing low-tuned bounce between the guitar work and Arnold’s percussion on “Parasite,” diversity is irrefutable and influences wore boldly.

Speaking of influences, in 2018 the group shared the stage in Louisville with an idol who has shaped their sound; Light The Torch, fronted by former Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones.

“It was kind of a trip opening for a frontman who’s been such an influence on us early on,” Arnold said. “I’d say our sounds derive from a mix of older metalcore staples like Killswitch or As I Lay Dying.”

Among the hefty amount of shows under their belt, both local and out-of-town, one of their favorites was at the beloved PG in April of 2018, now closed to the public and in the process of rebranding.

A band that incorporates screaming is bound to receive, at the very least, sporadic criticism. Arnold says that in regards to its place in the mainstream, “all music deserves a chance to be heard.”

“There are certain aspects of the sound that doesn’t really appeal to people who aren’t musicians,” Arnold says. “However I feel like this new breed of metal bands have more to offer than just riffs and ‘screamy’ vocals, and have the opportunity to obtain mainstream success because they incorporate varying styles in more accessible arrangements.”

Arnold says as far as the band’s sound pertains, it is in a “stage of development.” “I don’t know how to describe it, so I really hope our new music speaks for itself when it comes out,” Arnold said.

2019 is young, and there is a bright horizon for the band. According to Arnold, an album is currently in the works for an impending release.

“We’re also planning to be out visiting as many different places, as much as possible,” Wallace added.

Metal is a minority rank on the Billboard charts. Dissenting public opinions aside, the passion and ambition present by various artists in the scene is undeniable. Whether you have a seasoned pallet for metal, a yearning to delve into emerging local artists or have a yearning to see what hype there is behind the genre, Torn Confidence are bound to bloom with experience, as well as serve to be a catalyst for new artists in the local scene.

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FOOTNOTE: Fresh onto the front lines, Nick Erickson is a music writer hailing from Cadiz, Kentucky. After serving as a writer and assistant features editor for the Murray State News from 2015 through 2018, Nickolas graduated with a Bachelor of Science of journalism and English. As a fellow musician and with a passion for the arts, Nickolas aims to shine the spotlight onto the best music this region has to offer.

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The picture of the band was taken by Holly Noel Harpel.




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