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  1. Here is what Democrat Pelosi Joe Donnelly’s party bring to the table:
    “Leftist Protesters FREAK OUT, Claw At Supreme Court Doors While Brett Kavanaugh Is Sworn In”

    “Leftists had a rough day Saturday as the Senate voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court, and for the most part, they didn’t hide their despair. With Handmaids on Capitol Hill and protesters on the National Mall, leftists turned downtown Washington, D.C. into a massive, ongoing temper tantrum.

    But perhaps no incident better expressed the protesters’ tenuous hold on sanity than a demonstration at the Supreme Court, where protesters — mostly women — broke through a police line and barged to the Court’s chamber, where they proceeded to wail, gnash teeth, and pound at the doors while Kavanaugh was being sworn in inside.

    Some of the protesters, who managed to get all the way through to the doors themselves, tried desperately to claw their way in, even though the doors were clearly locked (and look very heavy).

    It took some time for them to give up. It may take them much longer to regain their sanity.”


  2. Democrats ‘Ripped Off the Mask of Moderation and Revealed the Face of Radicalism’
    “Surabian continued, “The average American watching this clown show, this disgrace, is probably more motivated to show up and vote in November. … All the polling shows that they are now more likely — these people who have witnessed this are now more motivated today to vote who weren’t motivated before this — [to be] motivated to vote for Republicans.”

    Surabian added, “The good news for us, the good news for Republicans, the good news for Trump supporters is that we weren’t the only people who have seen this. The entire public saw it. All American people saw it.”….

    Surabian went on, “They saw the disgraceful action of Dianne Feinstein and what she did by waiting until the last minute to drop the accusation. They saw the circus that was the hearing the other day. They saw the media class clapping like lemmings for everything the Democrats accused Kavanaugh of. They saw them eating it all up like the lap dogs that they are.”

    Surabian concluded, “So what was once a hidden bias, what was once behind the scenes is now open for everyone in the country to see for themselves. The Democrat Party today is not the Democrat Party of our grandparents. The Democrat Party today is a radical leftist — almost socialist — party that doesn’t give a crap about doing what’s right. They don’t care about honor. They don’t care about integrity. They care about power. That should scare every single person.”


  3. Stormy’s creepy porn lawyer credited with big time helping Judge K get confirmed to SCOTUS. Karma!
    “Lindsey Graham Credits Michael Avenatti For The Trump Win, Swetnick A ‘Turning Point’”

    “South Carolina Republican senator Lindsey Graham admitted that Michael Avenatti helped President Donald Trump’s cause to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

    There is a strong feeling that Avenatti and Democrats only hurt themselves with the unfounded allegations against Kavanaugh — with Dianne Feinstein culpable in the half-witted political strategy, as well.

    “That allegation was so over the top, it created a moment that was scary, quite frankly. But that moment was quickly replaced by disgust,” Graham stated, referring to Avenatti client Julie Swetnick’s assertion that Brett Kavanaugh attended gang rape parties. Swetnick later walked back the allegation that she saw Kavanaugh participating in the supposed gang-rape parties….

    “Harassing members at their homes, crowding the halls with people acting horribly, the effort to humiliate us really helped me unify my conference. So I want to thank these clowns for all the help they provided,” said Lindsey Graham.”


  4. Editors and Admin

    Are you proud you have turned the CCO into a right-wing echo chamber by allowing the same person to post the same crap day after day?


    • Some like JoeB’s links. You typically post left wing wing complaints, which is often humorous. Please keep posting.

  5. RR,
    On the right wing we are tired of your crying. Liberal left wing is in the cross hairs and the crap pulled in the Kavanaugh hearing have hurt your cause. JB has every right, as we all do, to post our views. Don’t read JB’s, just like he does not have to read yours. This is America and a little political jousting is the way it is supposed to be.

  6. So the nuclear football is hidden in our president’s Depends;


    But not anymore.

    This guy gives away more secrets than Victoria.

    And they always seem to come right out of his Big Mac tube.

    Melania-Rachel Maddow 2020

    Because we need to come together in all kinds of ways.

    Believe me 100% and beyond….


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