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  1. So the N. Main Street $16 million “bike path” recently opened and Coures and Co. just acquired more off street car parking spots to attract more bicyclists (not making that up). So where does the City have its ride share bikes strategically located?? You guessed it, none on the new $16 million N. Main bike path. Is it because the locals stole all the bikes back when there was a rental location at the former bank across from Turonis?
    The Evansville Trails Coalition’s Upgrade Bike Share Program has now reached 5000 Trips! Way to go Evansville in staying active, connecting to the wonderful places we have in Evansville and enjoying your ride!

    We currently have seven locations within Evansville to choose from:

    Station: Pagoda Station
    Status: OPEN
    Hours Available: 24/7

    Station: Garvin Park Station
    Status: OPEN
    Hours Available: 24/7

    Station: Franklin St. Station
    Status: OPEN
    Hours Available: 24/7

    Station: YMCA Station
    Status: OPEN
    Hours Available: 24/7

    Station: Haynies Corner
    Status: OPEN
    Hours Available: 24/7

    Station: University of Evansville Station
    Status: OPEN
    Hours Available: 24/7

    Station: Deaconess Sports Park Station
    Status: OPEN
    Hours Available: 24/7


  2. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+-+trump+-+i+only+hire+the+best+people&view=detail&mid=A96D9B4E0EAACC0F627BA96D9B4E0EAACC0F627B&FORM=VIRE

    Larry Kudlow, Mop Head’s new chief economic adviser; “Clinton’s raising the top income rate will halt the recovery and depress growth.” We know how that turned out. “The Bush tax cuts will generate such growth that budget surpluses will blossom.” Ditto. In 2007 he dismissed housing bubble fears as “hallucination” and “There’s no recession coming.” “Obama’s stimulus will strangle the recovery” – Ludlow. “The Republican corporate tax cut will pay for itself.” we are back to trillion dollar deficits because of a stroke of a pen this year pilgrims – Regulator. Ludlow is now pushing for more tax cuts.


    I must admit, I’ve not had a problem being bored this last 15 months. Never a dull moment.


    • Indiana produced 320 million soybean bushels last year, equaling about $4 billion. More than half the crop produced in Indiana is exported, with China being one of soybean’s main importers. The potential tariffs could lower soybean prices by up to 20 percent and China will turn to Argentina and Brazil for soybeans. -U.S. News
      Planting starts soon in Trump country. Stay tuned.

      • Farming is our life, and there are sh-tloads of people who wonder why farmers are gonna have to bear the brunt of this. And Trump is trying to destroy it with some kinda game? What the hell is this crap on prices? Farm machinery is going up, steel is more expensive. Insurance is going up. Chemicals are going up. We may have to take fields off line, letting people go. The guy is watching TV and having the morning show on Fox News tell him what to do, instead of doing his job. He wouldn’t be making all these economy mistakes if he was actually working.

      • Trade wars? China has engaged in unfair trade practices for years with the world and the world acquiesced. That’s not war. It’s surrender, resulting in millions of lost jobs.

        • A bunch of free trade Republicans say you’re full of sh-t when you say that DC. And you sound like a dam Dem, not a Republican!

          Tell me DC, we’re doing great, making America great, with the prices we are getting.
          But when they drop, are you gonna come help with our mortgage payments?
          Take your Dem trade war bull-sh-t and cram it.

          • So Chinese import tariffs on automobiles made in the USA are OK but Chinese import tariffs on soybeans grown in the USA aren’t?

          • Here you go. DannCoulter, the guy who pretends to not be a Democrat in here day after day, BLOWS US AWAY by selling a US Republican Farmer that tariffs on US Farm Products is a good idea.
            Someone get this DannCoulter a Hilary Face!
            (Wait. He already has a suitcase full of them.)

        • Those are crocodile tears Dann. No component of the US economy has received more needless subsidies than agriculture. Sadly, agriculture is one of the narrow areas in the trade relationship between the US and China that a tariff will chase much concern.

    • “Clinton’s raising the top income rate will halt the recovery and depress growth.” We know how that turned out. “
      Yes Regulator, WE do know. Newt and the boys cut capital gains taxes and tax revenue soared.
      “The Bush tax cuts will generate such growth that budget surpluses will blossom.” They did generate record revenue to the government.
      “Obama’s stimulus will strangle the recovery.” It did.
      “The Republican corporate tax cut will pay for itself.” We are back to trillion dollar deficits because of a stroke of a pen this year. ” Wrong again, Pilgrim. You leave government spending out of the equation. Revenue soared, spending skyrocketed. SHAZAAAAM! Massive deficits.
      Unfortunately——– the “tea party” lost. The swamp won.

    • Really? Even if his Dem opponent proposes common sense gun laws and is pro choice?

        • Ha! I truly doubt that! Otherwise you would have remembered the economic crash that occurred under the previous Republican President and noticed the recovery that occurred under Obama. There was no reason to rock the economic boat by handing it over to a contractor-stiffing, fraud-perpetrating, money-laundering, 7-times bankrupt reality star.
          Next time just stay home on election day.
          I hope you lose the farm.

          • Go easy on them they are just simple minded folk who been brainwashed by fringe media.

        • There you go, farmers always cry. The hypocrisy of accusing anybody of lining their pockets in some political fashion by a farmer is laughable!🤣 Maybe most don’t know the disgusting amount of subsidies you get, but I do. When the above poster was whining about not planting a field—that was rich. I remember when you were paid to do that. You go ahead and vote your conscience. I have no party allegiance, but if there is party for you I would call it the Opportunist.

  3. NDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – The man accused of stabbing two others Saturday night is in the country illegally.

    Christian Ortez, 35, first came into the country illegally from El Salvador in September 2016 near Hidalgo, Texas, according to Nicole Alberico, a spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Border officers caught him and arrested him immediately, but he was released a month later after posting bond.

    Eight months after that, an immigration judge ordered he be deported back to El Salvador, but he skipped the hearing and authorities couldn’t find him.


    • Sadly Joe, this horror is repeated daily across the U.S. thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and the Washington swamp.

      • JoeBiden and DannCoulter are helping get a Dem back in the White House faster than anyone with their support of Democrat Trump trade tariffs, pro-union steel tariffs, pro-Russia policy and destruction of the growing US economy.

  4. This is what happens when a pol party nominates an unvetted populist thats in way over his head. American people deserve the pain this man will inflict, for hating Hillary. Enjoy your poverty Trumpers

    • We enjoyed enough poverty under obummer, the past year and change not so much. I think you and your ilk are just jealous.

      • If you were worse off when Obama left office than you were when he entered Pete, then you must either own a coal mine or are lazy and stupid.

        Which is it?….

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