Gail Riecken Comments On The “State Government Isn’t Working Article by John Krull


by Gail Riecken, City-County Observer Statehouse Editor 

If you missed John Krull’s recent article on State government where he comments that State government isn’t working, take a minute and read it at:

Krull’s comments about our State government are on target. He agrees that people are working and Indiana seems to be doing well, but that it isn’t because State government is functioning well.

And, to be accurate not everybody is doing well. Krull notes that many Hoosiers at the “bottom of the middle class “ are working more hours and still are at risk of falling into poverty.

Does the State government have a role in changing the direction for struggling Hoosiers? Yes.

The State has the responsibility to develop ways that help workers get better jobs and jobs that pay a living wage. If there is one accomplishment where State government functioned fairly well this past session, workforce development for young people is it.

Gov. Holcomb and the legislature worked together to ensure a pilot program in southeastern Indiana where training for local jobs is integrated into secondary education. It involves a “coalition” of school corporations and seems a way to help more rural areas with their workforce needs.

HEA 1398 (PL 190) comes with many challenges and the bill certainly could have used more collaboration before voting it in, but we need to give those involved the chance to work through the many concerns and questions related to the concept. (The organizers would do well to ask EVSC about their successes with the technical school on Lynch Road.)

Does State government have to function well for its workers to earn more and for business to succeed? Yes.

If there isn’t a growing, trained workforce coming through the “pipeline”, businesses will have to look elsewhere for their workers and workers will move to other, more promising work environments.

So, on this topic, even though Krull and I agree State government isn’t working well, I give the Governor and State legislature this last session kudos for progress toward an accepted statewide education model training young people for better Hoosier jobs.


  1. How well did Indiana Government work in 2011 when representative Riecken and her dem comrades not only walked off their jobs in the legislature, but fled the state entirely?

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