Hammer Announces His Candidacy For County Commissioner


CCO Editors Footnote: The City County Observer requested an original copy of Steve Hammers speech announcing that he is an official candidate for District #2 Vanderburgh County Commission seat in the Republican primary.  Attached is the unedited copy of his announcement speech.  An impressive group of enthusiastic supporters of Steve Hammer jammed into the main dinning area of the Roco Bar-North to hear his officials announcement that he s running for the Vanderburgh County  Commission seat in the Republican primary 


“Thank you all for coming this evening. I have something I want to share with you…I am not a politician! I’m a Christian…a husband, a father, a businessperson, an employer, a taxpayer, and a lifelong resident of northern Vanderburgh County. I’m a graduate of Central High School and I have a business degree from the University of Kentucky. I have extensive experience as a commercial and residential real estate investor and restauranteur in our community. My wife Ashley, is an outstanding cardiology Nurse Practitioner at St. Vincent and a wonderful mom to my son, Will and daughter, Addie. More importantly, we choose to raise our family here, because of our ties and love for our community.

It’s a soul-searching endeavor to decide to run for office because it’s a serious responsibility to ask your neighbors to put their faith and trust in you. I don’t take what I’m asking of you lightly.

So WHY is it so important to do this…  Here are a few of MY why’s…

I love Central High School, “The oldest high school in continuous operation west of the Allegheny Mountains” That was engrained in us by David Koehler, Sr. as anyone who went to Central in the 1980’s knows.  I love the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival the first week in October. I go every day at lunch and see friends from childhood on up to today. I love the Pigeon Creek Greenway. I’ve ridden my bicycle up and down it hundreds of times. I love our seats behind the bench at Purple Aces basketball in the winter at the Ford Center. I love the Ohio River and the sandbar with all the boating community. I love our local restaurants, like Jaya’s, Cork N’ Cleaver, Penny Lane Coffee House and House of Como.

Now here’s a not so good why…

My friend, Todd Tucker from Evansville Living, told me that the site coordinator for BRU Burger downtown said to him that this BRU Burger was the most difficult location for their company to open of ALL their locations. BRU Burger has stores in Lexington, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana among others.  That’s simply mind-boggling to me that we’re that difficult to do business with. It makes no sense. That will change when we are elected.

I am blessed to have THE best campaign committee, full of 25 strong and diverse local

business leaders, political advisors and friends. I wouldn’t be standing here tonight

without them. They are here in the room in blue Hammer for Commissioner

sweatshirts. My biggest accomplishment thus far is convincing each of them to join me

on this journey.

The three County Commissioners are responsible for the administration of county business. We need additional reasonable men and women in public office, people with a proven work ethic and the moral standards to do what’s right for our county to prosper. I know what it means to start a business, to meet a payroll, to hire passionate folks, to LISTEN to customers, clients and employees and to make sensible and sometimes difficult, decisions. I hope that over the course of the 2018 election season you will see that my education, business background and passion for our community make me an excellent choice to lead us forward. With your help and advice, we will make decisions that serve us all.

I want to give back to the community that’s been so good to me and my family, if you choose to honor me with your vote. We have many things we can accomplish, if we just take thoughtful, common sense action. If elected, I plan to serve on your behalf to the best of my ability every day that I’m in office, free of grandstanding and political patronage. That is what government should be!

Lastly, I am humbled by the support I have received from people all over the county. It is greatly appreciated and I will not let you down! My name is Steve Hammer, and I’m a CITIZEN candidate for Vanderburgh County Commissioner. I’ve been told the pizza is pretty good here so please enjoy the rest of the evening. Thank you.”

Steve Hammer

Candidate For The Vanderburgh District #2 County Commission

Members Of The Steve Hammer For County Commission are: Mike Stepto, Chairman and Ron Mayer, Treasurer. Abby Bauder Maravich, Alfonso Vidal, Andrew Alexander, Chad Howard, Chad Will, Charlie Steber, David Montgomery, David Nussmeier, Justin Groenert, Kena Campbell, Kirk Byram, Kristie Mossberger Alexander, Les Hammer, Mike O’Daniel, Rick Martin, Steve Nussmeier, Tiffany Nunn Stepto and Todd Chamberlain.