We hope that todays “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”
IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Commissioners are voting on an agenda item at todays meeting that will change the City/County employees medical clinic provider? …currently the Vanderburgh/City employees medical clinic is being operated by an Indianapolis based firm named QUADMED?  …the County Commissioners are looking at approving a locally owned medical company named Tri-State Community Clinics (TSCC) to be the new health care provider for the County/City employees? …if this measure passes, it will save Vanderburgh County taxpayers many hundreds of thousands of dollars? …this proposal will also offer the City and County employees the opportunity to visit four (4) Urgent Care clinics locations throughout the Evansville area? …we commend County Commissioner Ben Shoulders for taking the lead during the talking stages of changing the medical clinic providers which helped make this proposal a reality?  …also Commissioners Musgrave and Ungethiem did some good work behind the scene during  the last several months on this issue?  …we are told that the City of Evansville is on board with Tri-State Community Clinics (TSCC) proposal? …however members of the Vanderburgh County Council have not been approached concerning this issue? …we urge the County Commission to approve this proposal at todays meeting because it’s a good deal for the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County and the County/City employees?

IS IT TRUE that the President of the Vanderburgh County Council John Montrastelle alleges that he and other members of the County Council hopes that the County Commission will reconsiders its decision concerning the County Employee Heath Insurance plan the Commissioners voted on last week?  …that Mr. Montrastelle alleges that when the County Commissioners voted 2-1 in favor of the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health Insurance Plan they costs the Vanderburgh taxpayers an additional $1 million annually?  …if he was so concerned about this issue why didn’t he show up at the last County Commissioners meeting and express his views on the subject?  …when the President of County Commission Bruce Ungethiem voted for this issue he surprised several individuals because he told them that he was voting for the Central States Employee Insurance Plan?  …that Vanderburgh County Commissioner Ben Shoulders (D) voted against the Anthem plan?  …Mr. Shoulders (D) also voted against the approval to increase the County Option Income Tax (COIT) for 2018 while the two Republican Commissioners voted to approve the tax?  …we have been told that the County Commission may take up the Vanderburgh County Employee Health Insurance issue at todays meeting and we would like for the President of the Vanderburgh County Council, John Montrastelle to show up this time and express his views on this subject?

IS IT TRUE that Trolley of Evansville Districts (TED) project mission is to support Evansville’s blossoming entertainment and cultural districts while helping in the  redevelopment of our urban core, and growing tourism industry? …this project is sponsored by the non-profit Franklin Street Events Association and is also a joint venture between FSEA and GAGE. …if you would like to support this worthily project heres the link to do so-!/?   
..recently the Trolley Of Evansville Districts (TED) project spearheaded by Amy Word-Smith experienced a detour when the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau declined her request help fund this worthily project? …we thought that the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau mission was to help promote local restaurant, bars and hotels? ..we would like to thank the following donors to this project: Sheriff Wedding, Ben Shoulder, Kelley Course, Josh Armstrong, Brad Ellsworth, Patricia Weinzapfel, and Amy Word along with a total of 84 local donors from the city.  …there are 8 days remaining to donate to this project and we we’d love to see more members of city and county government, CVB, Area Chamber of Commerce, and local community organizations support to support it?  …so far the Trolley Of Evansville Districts (TED) committee has $44,000 committed towards this project? …we hear that this fundraiser is only $5,000 short of its goal?
IS IT TRUE we enjoy reading the article that the Courier and Press columnist Jon Webb wrote about serial killer “MAD DOG” Leslie Irvin of Evansville? …that Jon Web did a masterful job in writing this extremely interesting article?
IS IT TRUE if you want to see a good local TV Sports Reporter in action we highly recommend that go to Channel 44 News  and watch Nick Ruffolo?  …this young man is on the top of his game?
IS IT TRUE we are extremely pleased with the results of our most recent “Readers Poll”?  …the ‘Readers Poll” question was “Do you feel that the partnership agreement between the StatehouseFiles and the City County Observer is really a big deal”?   …a whooping 585 people voted in this poll?  …459 people voted yes (78%), 74 voted no (13%) and 52 (9%) said that they had no idea in this non-scientific but trendy poll?  …it looks like the majority of our readers agree with our decision concerning the publishing of the StatehouseFiles articles?
IS IT TRUE it looks like we made the right decision in selecting former State Representative Gail Riecken as our Statehouse Community Editor?
 Todays READERS POLL question is: Do you feel that the Vanderburgh County Commission should reconsider its decision concerning the County Employee Heath Insurance plan they voted on last week?
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