We hope that todays “Readers Forum” will provoke “…honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”
 Todays READERS POLL question is: Are you pleased with the way that President Trump is conducting himself?
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  1. all this talk that manafort’s arrest is not related to the trump campaign, hahahaha. it’s step one, they’re not done. there is little doubt he laundered millions and millions of russian oligarch money, everybody knows that trump knows that, mueller knows that, the fbi knows that. its a serious crime. he’ll be 80 before he gets out of prison, best case scenario. no payday from trump “after you get out” makes sense for that guy. that’s why this is step one. they want details. and manafort knows details, especially on the russian side.

    the George Papadopoulos arrest? more worrying. his arrest is tied directly to the campaign. that guy turned in 2 secs. he’s been wearing wires. he worked directly with trump, sessions and manafort. he’s admitted coordinating with the russians. he’s working for the fbi now. actually, since july.

    would somebody please count how many times today joebiden, pressanykey and al sharpie use the distraction words clinton, hillary and obama? keep a tally please.

    • Trump Unsure Who This Manafort Person Is

      “The name doesn’t really ring a bell with me,” the president said. “I’ll have to have someone Google him.” – Borowitz

      See Jill, just like going through a divorce, there is always another side to the story.

      Speaking of divorce, like my first wife used to say, “We interrupt this marriage to bring you the hunting season.” So you’ll need to corral shar pie for me since I’m going to be seeking a more intelligent species for a while.

      In the meantime, Happy Halloween podnur;



    • This Manafort guy is just another Washington player. Has ties to bought Dem & Repub . . .interesting that Tony Podesta has resigned from his lobbying firm and do not be surprised that before the fat lady sings, Company B in the Manafort indictment is Podesta & Company . . .stay tuned!!!

  2. The only reason I hate to see the Tropicana boat leave is that it will be replaced with that ugly, rusty bucket of bolts, LST325. And this is a gateway to the city. Would be better if the space remained vacant, and a lot less cost to the City. Remember the rush to build the dock at Marina Pointe, and the cost overruns? Down the drain.

  3. I am agast how many in todays poll are pleased with Trumps conduct. How about country before party folks. Lets see that poll when Mueller closes in

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