We hope that todays “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”
IS IT TRUE that the House of Representative of the United States has many doctors who have given up their life’s work to run for elected office and Southwest Indiana is not without and example of such an official?…Dr. Larry Bucshon was a respected doctor before turning in his medical practice to run for congress?…the newly acknowledged issue with nationwide opiate addiction is just the kind of problem that congressional doctors should be taking on and Congressman Bucshon has stepped up to contribute?…Bucshon was in town last week to meet with the Vanderburgh County Substance Abuse Council?…while doctors are now grabbing the headlines to find ways to reduce drug addiction, they were also a significant part of the cause of the opiate epidemic when they were writing prescriptions for painkillers like they were handing out vouchers for happy meals?…in return for handing out vouchers for opiate based drugs like Percocet and Oxycodon, physicians across the country were being courted and rewarded by drug companies with trips, awards, and fancy titles?…many of the doctors in congress have been the recipients of campaign contributions from the very companies that manufacture the opiates that the doctors wrote prescriptions for?…today we are all aghast at the 55 deaths in little Evansville this year from heroin overdoses?…exercising a little knowledge and common sense could have gone a long way toward preventing the mass addiction problem that the United States is faced with today?…the question is, “should we trust the architects of the addiction problem to find a cure?
IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Thunderbolts took to the Ford Center ice for their first home game of the year last weekend?…adrenaline must have been at play as the Thunderbolts broke out to a 4-1 lead over the team from Peoria but eventually grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory to lose the game in a shoot out?…losing a 4-1 lead in hockey is about like losing a 28-7 lead in a football game?…the official attendance announced over the public address system in Ford Center was a respectable 3,679?…the City County Observer MOLES in attendance have advised us that there was no where remotely close to 3,679 people in the seats?…the announced attendance must have been based on how many free tickets were handed out to try to re-introduce Evansville to hockey?
IS IT TRUE that a website known as that tracks the cost of living across the United States has just named the Indiana cities of Fort Wayne, Evansville, and South Bend as the cheapest places in the country to live?…the City County Observer is confident that no one who contributed to this article has ever faced a utility bill from Vectren with respect to local earnings or an ever increasing (unreasonable) bill from the City of Evansville Sewer and Water Utility?…when digging an inch below the surface one finds that only considers housing, food, fuel, and property taxes?…property taxes are by definition 1% of the market value of the house so cheap houses means low taxes?…with the always under attack HOMESTEAD TAX CREDIT there are some homeowners who pay nearly no property taxes at all?…fuel may be cheap in Evansville but it is always cheaper across the money saving bridge in Kentucky or down at Marina Point?…food is and always has been reasonably priced in Evansville but part of that is because locals tend not to be willing to pay for designer brands and have an appetite for very inexpensive fast food from a drive up window?…Niche also excluded the cost of healthcare which is quite high due to the high levels of obesity, smoking, sedentary living and abuse of alcohol?…while Evansville is not even close to the cost of places like San Francisco, it is far from the cheapest place in the United States?
IS IT TRUE the statement make by Steve Hammer that he was approached by members of the local Chamber of Commerce to run for Vanderburgh County Commissioner didn’t sit well with some rural voters?  …years ago the area Chamber of Commerce played a major role in the campaign to approve the Unification of Vanderburgh City/County Government and some rural voters haven’t forgotten that?  …we are pleased to see someone with Mr. Hammer business and educational background running for elected office?
IS IT TRUE we wonder if the newly announced independent member of the Evansville City Council Dan McGinn will be changing his leadership style as the current City Council Finance Chairman?  …or will he continue to be an out of control tax and spend liberal?
IS IT TRUE we are hearing that a group of Evansville taxpayers are quietly working on putting together a detailed Freedom Of Information Request concerning the financial information that City Controller Russ Lloyd presented to City Council during the 2018 budget hearings?
Todays READERS POLL question is: If the Republicans primary for Vanderburgh County Commission was held today who would you for?
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  1. …today we are all aghast at the 55 deaths in little Evansville this year from heroin overdoses?…Is it true that areas of the USA that have legalized marijuana do not have this problem?

    • There was an article yesterday that concluded that Colorado has seen opioid related overdoses fall while they have risen in the rest of the country. That supports part of your assertion. It however does not claim that Colorado has eradicated opiate addiction with cannabis. Neither has CA. Cannabis has a big role to play in fighting the opioid crisis if local government will allow it.

  2. COIT (County Option Income Tax):

    COIT’s effect on local budgets is much simpler than CAGIT’s. All COIT revenue can be added to local budgets–it can all be spendable. The COIT Council can, if it chooses, devote COIT revenue to reduce homeowner property taxes, by increasing the homestead credit. The homestead credit is a state funded program that reduces homeowner property taxes by 10%. COIT counties can increases this rate by a maximum of 8 percentage points, up to 18%. Revenue to reduce property taxes is taken “off the top,” with remaining revenue distributed to local units.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    I do not know about you, but since Vanderburgh County adopted the County Option Income Tax in 2007 my property taxes have skyrocketed. So even with the additional revenue of the COIT, and significantly higher property taxes, local government is still running deficits!!!

    It appears that our local government councils are unwilling or unable to perform the due diligence required before launching their spending programs. These councils positions require a certain amount of sophistication and independent thinking that that is currently in painfully short supply.

  3. Why have I not read more about the televised City Council meetings being discontinued on Public TV ? It seemed like Missy Mosby was more than happy to let the viewers know it was not to be aired any longer do to funding issues . But I think the money is there . Could it be some just do not think the Voters of Evansville need to know what is going on. We can not any longer trust the local news paper the local TV stations filter what they report it is kind of scary isn’t it…..

  4. Has anyone else driven on the short open leg of the $16 million too narrow North Main Street shopping cart path project? The “bike path” just ends at the Lloyd Expressway. The new artistic decorative brick crosswalks from the Vectren building to McDonalds and ONB work like speed bumps. It appears these artsy speed bumps will be all over North Main, whenever it finally reopens. What a complete waste of money.

  5. breaking news……sounds like hillary and the dnc crime family is on the lam…………..reg/debbie shows yet again that gruber was right barry hussein voters are dumb as a box of rocks the dnc feeds them bullshit while they keep them in the dark…………..lberal mushrooms…………without a doubt……………MAGA TRUMP………….draining the swamp……………

      • This 1;

        Don’t forget Egor,

        Rex Tillerson Says He Remains Totally Committed To Moron’s Agenda

        “I am standing here today to tell you I am on the same page as this idiot. But if only I could work for someone more stable like Gruber for instance”.

        Not my words bro, other people’s.

        Live with it….

  6. I was told the North Main project was designed by a landscape architect. He had no idea about how wide streets should be. They told me he is a friend of Kelly’s.

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