We hope that todays “IS IT TRUE” will provoke “…honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”

IS IT TRUE that yesterday the City County Observer was off line most of the day because technical problems ?  …we republish some of todays IS IT TRUES from yesterday just in case you didn’t’ have a chance to read them?

IS IT TRUE that longtime writer for the Evansville Courier and Press Jon Webb, seems to have come out of Pollyannaville and awakened to the reality that is his hometown of Evansville, IN?…Webb has authored several articles during the last month that clearly indicate that he is no longer sipping from the Kool-Aid trough that the elected leaders of Evansville routinely force feed the locals?…Mr. Webb has finally come to the realization that many of the classic places in Evansville have descended down to the dungeons with the Phantom of the Opera and are now “Past the Point of No Return?”…it is a good thing for a local journalist to get rid of the rose colored glasses and see reality?…the tragedy is that if the last two decades of journalists in Evansville had seen reality and had the courage to call out the politicians who have been the architects of decline, maybe all of these declines would not have taken place?  …we considered Mr. Webb the most creative writer in the region?

IS IT TRUE the latest realization is that the once wonderful amphitheater known as Mesker has rotten down while hidden from view by unkempt vegetation to the point of diminishing return on any refurbishment effort that could have been made as recently as 5 years ago?…like Roberts Stadium before it the abysmal stewardship of Mesker by the City of Evansville has enabled the accelerated decline of the once enjoyable facility?…the Mesker Amphitheater is no more and shall never be again?…it will most likely be demolished to make way for a Penguin Exhibit that is not needed or wanted by the taxpayers of Evansville?…the field of dreams Penguin park is pre-ordained to lose money from the day it is funded to the day it is plowed back into the brown dirt of West Evansville?…the only thing that exhibits worse stewardship than letting Mesker rot to the ground is repurposing the land to be a Penguin exhibit?

IS IT TRUE that the time is now to question the obsession that the City of Evansville has with entertainment venues that lose money?…Weinzapfel’s Folly (aka the Ford Center) is expected to absorb operating losses of around $700,000 in 2017?…that does not include the $8 Million in bond payments that are being absorbed in other parts of the City budget that could have been used for something positive if Weinzapfel’s Folly had performed financially as his handpicked consultants projected that it would?…Evansville was once an industrial center?…the reason that Evansville was able to construct and sustain world class facilities for their time such as Roberts and Mesker is because there was a solid middle class job base that delivered substance and the taxes that accompany substance?…if Jon Webb really wants to Cry for Evanstina, he should be crying about the loss of substance in the local economy?…it is the loss of focus and substance that killed the beloved Mesker Amphitheater?…it is the irrational obsession with fun and games that led to the financial debacle cate-corner from the Mayor’s office?

IS IT TRUE that one thing of substance is under construction and that is the downtown Medical School?…since that was started, two hotels and now maybe a Spaghetti Factory have committed to downtown Evansville?…the two hotels are NOT SUBSIDIZED?…the City County Observer published six years ago that a medical school would make hotels happen without subsidies and it has now been proven to do so?…if the medical school had come before the Ford Center, the taxpayers could have saved over $20 Million?…Andrew Smith was exactly right with his “Sewers Before Stadium” campaign and the CCO was exactly right on it “Medical School before Hotel” column?…what is mystifying is why the educated fools who make up the Evansville City Council are consistently incapable of seeing that which is obvious?

IS IT TRUE we hear that staffers at both Club for Growth and the ACU have heard whispers that Rep. Larry Bucshon is mulling retirement? …It should be noted, that he skipped the Westside Fall Festival for the first time in memory, his public appearances have been scant, and last year he sold his million dollar home in Newburgh and bought a new family home in Washington, DC?

IS IT TRUE that we are hearing that some political connected people are beginning to feel that Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding is starting to over promote the idea of building a new addition to the County jail?  …that Sheriff Wedding would be wise to acknowledged that the mood of the Vanderburgh County taxpayers at this time is they are strongly against any more “tax and spend” capital projects?  …that Sheriff Wedding would be extremely wise to seek the political of advice of former Sheriffs Eric Williams and Brad Ellsworth concerning how to sell this issue to the general public?

IS IT TRUE that local government don’t have a revenue problem they just have a spending problem?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that an unnamed Evansville City Council member has requested the Evansville City Controller, Russ Lloyd Jr to provide him with an accounting  breakdown of Invoices and Unrecorded Liabilities for 2015, 2016 and 2017?  … copies of the requested information were also sent to Council President Missy Mosby and 14 others individuals?  …the requested information has to do with: 1) Account Payable Open Items Reports for 2015-2017. 2) Accrued Compensation Hours for Police and Fire Employees as of Aug 16-18, 2017. 3) Accounting Notes reports for 12/31/2016 and for the City of Evansville and other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) as prescribed by GASB 45 actuarial calculation of retired employees health insurance liability. 4) Also provided to city officials were the accounting notes for the City of Evansville concerning the (PERF) Public Employees Retirement Fund of which Evansville participates in? …we are hearing that the above accounting information given to the unnamed Councilman, Council President Missy Mosby and 14 others may reveal some of the unreported deficit spending decisions of the Winnecke Administration?

IS IT TRUE in Councilman Dan McGinn resignation e-mail he sent to GOP party chairman, Wayne Parker stated that; “You have criticized us for exercising our independent judgement (sic) and doing what we feel is best for the people we represent rather that marching lockstep to political doctrine”?  …we wonder why Mr. Parke didn’t take on Councilman McGinn for voting to build a multi-million dollar Penguim exhibit during the time of a serious budget crisis?  …Mr. Parke could have taken on Finance Chairman McGinn for continuing to push council members to take away our Homestead Tax Credits during the last several years?  …Chairman Parke could had taken on McGinn for not pushing council members to address the out of control city employees healthcare deficits? …Mr. Parke could had criticized Mr. McGinn for not cutting over $100,000 worth of city grants out of the city budget to area not-for-profits?  …Mr. Parke could have taken McGinn to task for voting to put back a $100,000 plus city grant in the budget to transport one (1) person to a job site located in the outer area of Highway 41? …Chairman Park could had ask why did Council Finance Chairman McGinn support the $12.5 advance payment (2018) of Tropicana riverboat  money to the city? …most of all Mr. Parke was correct in taking Mr. McGinn to task for voting to increase the County Income Option Tax (CIOT) for 2018?

IS IT TRUE we are hearing that at least two of the three Republican primary candidates for the Vanderburgh County Commission race will be announcing this week?

IS IT TRUE that that the son of former U S Congressman John Hostetter, Matt Hosetttler has announced that he shall be running for to soon to be vacated State House of Representative seat presently held by Thomas Washburne?  …Matt stated in his official announcement that “My family and I are very fortunate to call Indiana home. Our legislative body is a reflection of Hoosier commitment to both fiscal and personal responsibility with limited government interference. District 64 has exemplified these values through Representative Washburne, and it is my goal to pick up where he will leave off. This is a wonderful place for Michelle and me to raise our family, and I intend to ensure that it remains a wonderful place for my son to raise his?”

IS IT TRUE it looks like the President of the Vanderburgh County Commission, Bruce Ungethiem will be facing the biggest challenge in his political career when he takes on Matt Hostetter in the District 64 State Representative Republican primary?  …we are told that when Mr. Ungethiem voted to pass a wheel tax in Vanderburgh County it costs him a lot of conservative votes?

Todays READERS POLL question is: Do you feel that the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County are finally tired of the “Tax And Spend” attitude of our local elected officials?

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  1. The Editor of the CCO noted what I did, that Jon Webb of the C&P recently published a couple of coherent and interesting articles. It appeared to start with his article on the death by neglect of Mesker Amphitheater. His last article on why convicted torturer/murderer Roy Ward deserves the death penalty was outstanding. Give credit where credit is due. Hopefully, Mr. Webb can continue to temper his anti-Trump bias and continue with worthwhile and thought provoking articles. I was about to cancel my home C&P, but will hold off through the end of HS football season to see what happens.

  2. What ever happened to the Build 4 Evansville and Mesker Amphitheater??
    “BB: With that said, money is obviously an issue on anything. There’s a visionary project called Build 4 Evansville. . It encompasses Mesker Amphitheater, construction of Roberts Park, a new Lloyd Pool, and a new penguin exhibit at Mesker Park Zoo. Realistically, mayor, do you see any of those projects coming to fruition by the end of your second term?

    LW: I do. I would think it’s very likely we have a replacement for Lloyd Pool. The parks board recently approved a contract to hire a consultant to see what kind of facility we need and see where it could potentially go. Your assessment earlier is correct. It’s unlikely to go in the current location but we need one and it’s a high priority for us.
    I believe portions of Roberts Park will be under construction by the end of our second term. We are, this year, we’ll start planning design for the penguin exhibit.
    The fourth one frankly is one that needs lots of Money. Mesker Amphitheater. And we don’t have a specific plan on yet. We continue to take ideas from the public but that’s the status of those.

    BB: And some of this is going to take private investment? Do you feel?

    LW: Absolutely. We already have 100 thousand dollars for a water feature at Roberts Park by the Rotary Club of Evansville. We’ve been very successful at the zoo with the Engelbrecht Family Carousel Project. That’s been almost entirely funded with private contributions. We expect about half of the penguin exhibit will be funded with private contributions as well.”

  3. Bushon may be getting out before the Dems rout in November 2018. Its the cycle – its time. One other point, would CCO suggest we just not “jail” the bad guys? Do they suggest we pay others to house our criminals. Dont be hypocrites . Its jail them or tolerate the crime – which is it ? This town has always been “dragged ” into maintaining the city and updating old stuff. Kicking and screaming about the Ford Center. Last weekend Jason Aldean filled it, Kansas was at the Victory and the Taco fest was in the middle of it all . Stop whining. Get out there and see it all

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