21st Century Healthcare


Dr. Arnold
It is no secret that the landscape of the American healthcare system is changing. With higher rising insurance premiums, the looming 2014 deadline for health insurance under Obamacare, and the busier everyday lifestyles of most people many alternative forms of healthcare have begun to surface around the county. One such model that is growing increasingly popular is the Concierge form of healthcare. According to CNBC (December 12, 2012) there are approximately 4000 such practices in the US now, with 1000 new practices being added in 2012 alone. Concierge medicine grew 33% in 2012. Though a quick Google search revealed only one such practice in the Southwestern Indiana area, there is soon to be another come April.
21st Century Healthcare is a Primary Care Internal Medicine practice in which patients pay a fee for an expanded and more personal range of services. The man providing these services is Dr. Roy M. Arnold. A Cum Laude graduate of the University Of Alabama Birmingham School Of Medicine, Dr. Arnold is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease and has over 20 years of experience in Wellness and Preventative Medicine. The idea behind his practice is to provide longer face to face appointment times, wellness consultation, and access to remote healthcare for patients that travel frequently or find themselves in need of medical advice while out of town. While most primary care providers see an average of 2000 patients, Dr. Arnold’s practice will see three to five hundred patients enabling a personalized healthcare experience as well as fewer instances of patients waiting hours in the lobby. Dr. Arnold also offers virtual consultations via a secure, HIPAA compliant video telecommunication program that cannot be hacked. This service is useful for those patients with reoccurring symptoms and for those medical non-emergencies that don’t require an in-office visit. This application is ideal for those patients whose job requires frequent travel such as sales personnel, executives, long-distance truck drivers, or even students away at college. Patients also have access to Dr. Arnold through secure email, and his inbox is always open.
The fee for these more streamlined services is one-hundred dollars per month, or about the cost of a latte a day. Patients also must carry some form of insurance but this insurance can often be a high deductible plan with a Health Savings account, which ends up being more affordable in the long run. The monthly retainer for these services also covers all insurance co-pays and coinsurance for services rendered. Medicare patients are also welcome under this new structure.
New patients hoping to pursue this form of healthcare must be over the age of 14 covered by a commercial insurance plan or Medicare. The patient is scheduled for a one hour visit during which the patient and doctor review medical and surgical history as well as risk factors, diet and physical regimen. Based on this information and the wishes of the patient a personalized wellness plan for the patient is implemented. This may include changes in diet and exercise regimen. A follow up visit is then scheduled to review the effectiveness of the plan with the patient. Dr. Arnold expects all patients to have a comprehensive evaluation each year and one follow up visit. He also anticipates two to three additional contacts per year, either office visits or electronic conference with patients to discuss their acute and chronic medical problems. In the event that a patient may require in patient care, Dr. Arnold has pre-established agreements with both St. Mary’s and Deaconess Hospital groups.
Those wishing to inquire about this innovative new model for healthcare are encouraged to jump to www.21centuryhc.com, or the practice may be contacted via email at info@21centuryhc.com and by phone at (812) 402-2003.