We hope that todays “Readers Forum” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we as responsible citizens of this community need to address in a rational and responsible way?
 Did you know that our most recent “READERS POLL” question asked “Which Evansville City Council member do you feel will take the lead to balance the proposed 2018 City budget”?  523 people voted in this trendy but non scientific poll. Fifth Ward Councilman  Justin Elpers (R) received 207 votes, 3rd Ward Councilman John Hayden (R) received 127 votes and At-Large Council member Jonathan Weaver (D) attracted 116 votes? The other 6 City Council members split  the remaining 73 votes among themselves.
 Did you know that a parking study for West Franklin Street was just released that backup City Councilman Jonathan Weaver claim that the City should have not spent tax dollars do this study?  Mr. Weaver stated that its obvious there is an over abundance of parking spaces on West Franklin street so why do a study?  It looks like Mr Weavers statement was spot on!
 Todays READERS POLL question is: Should our elected officials have spent our hard earned tax dollars for a new parking study for West Franklin street?
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  1. We just learned that the City spent $18 million on “Coures Folly”, also known as the North Main Street Shopping Cart Path Project. Half to a third of that money could have repaired and modernized Mesker Park Amphitheater into a state of the art venue for benefit of our entire community.

  2. Yea, didn’t the Mayor recently say he was looking into reopening Mesker in partnership with private enterprise? Look at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville. It rocks.

  3. No wall. No repeal. No replace. No deficit reduction. Nothing new on N. Korea. New sanctions? What? New Presidents can undo the small things Trump signs with his pen, but they can’t undo laws he gets approved by the force of nature he said he was gonna be. But that aint happening. He ain’t doing nothing. I don’t care how much many times al sharpie and disaffected type “maga” in all caps. Everytime they write about loser Clinton, I know its because they’re afraid to talk about Trump. Maybe he needs help of some kind, some new people or something cause the gods of the bible aren’t helping. Trump is so desperate to say he’s done something, he’ll sign any bill, anything, even if its what the Dems want.

    • Middle River

      Bravo! Al and his grammatically challenged Trump maga BS just shows how clueless he is. Glad to see others with smarts see thru his BS

    • And he comes forth from his Mommy’s basement with a new name, i.e., Middle River, but it doesn’t change his trolling for attention, does it? The other small children just won’t play with you, will they, Little Runoff?

      • why do you even hang out here disaffected? all of your comments are trolling stuff. what a troll you are. say something other than smears dummy

  4. Indiana local income taxes reorganized
    June 3, 2015 by Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory
    Indiana has adopted legislation repealing the county adjusted gross income tax (CAGIT), the county option income tax (COIT), the county economic development income tax (CEDIT), and the various local income taxes for special purposes and projects and combining them into a single local income tax with three rate components. The existing local taxes are repealed effective January 1, 2017, and the taxes in effect on May 1, 2016, will be consolidated into the new law.
    The Office of Management and Budget is directed to work with state agencies and county governments to document the existing taxes and assist in the transition to the new tax. As part of the transition to the new structure, a county may not adopt any ordinances under the former taxes after June 30, 2016. Further, an adopting body cannot take any action under the new local income taxes article before July 1, 2016, even though it is effective July 1, 2015.
    There are three rate components of the reorganized local income tax: expenditure rate, property tax relief rate, and special purpose rate. The revenue collected from a rate component may be used only for the purpose established in the statute. Each rate component serves a function similar to an existing local option income tax. The expenditure rate component may be used for school corporations and civil taxing units, certified shares, public safety, and economic development, and the rate is set at a maximum 2.5%, except for Marion County, the rate for which is 2.75%. The property tax relief component is used to fund a property tax credit to reduce property tax liabilities, and the rate is set at a maximum 1.25%. Finally, the special purpose rate component is a distinct rate implemented for a specific purpose by a particular county and the rate can vary. Excluding the special purpose rate, the maximum local income tax rate is 3.75% for all counties except Marion County, which has a maximum rate of 4%.
    Further, effective May 6, 2015, Rush County is authorized to impose a CAGIT tax rate for the construction, renovation, operation, or maintenance of a county jail. The tax rate adopted by the county can range from 0.15% to 0.6%. (P.L. 243; H.B. 1485, Laws 2015, Laws approved May 6, 2015 and effective as noted above.)

    • Press, good to see you back. Do you know how much of the $18 million the City spent on the N Main Street shopping cart path built to narrow fiasco came from City, State and Feds? It is OUTRAGEOUS the City would pour millions into this silly project when the community jewel of Mesker Amphitheater needs extensive repairs and renovation to be put back into service for the entire community. Mesker before dog parks!

      • The best thing that could happen to Mesker Amphitheater would be for the city of Evansville to sell it for one dollar to a NFP created to restore it. That NFP could create a Go Fund Me account and publish a restoration plan that the funding public could follow as the money came in and work proceeded. Ideally the NFP itself would not have any paid employees.

        That brings up the question of what you do with the facility when it has been restored. Giving it back to a city that failed to take care of it in the first place does not seem prudent. It is an historical facility and should qualify for some sort of help. I can not help but think that some enterprising individual, or group of individuals, would be glad to strike an agreement of some sort that would be equitable for all parties concerned in order to reopen Mesker Amphitheater. It was the second largest amphitheater in the country, behind the Hollywood Bowl, when it was built. That was quite a feather in Evansville’s hat at the time. Where are the George Meskers of our day?

  5. So if I am not wrong, it was noted that this “increase” was going to take place under the “special Purpose” component, and that the increase is “projected” to bring an additional $11 million in annual revenue. If that is true, and the additional revenue can only go to the “special purpose” for which it is designated, in this case the Vanderburgh County Jail, I would like to see the financial figures on the jail in order to determine just how much of a deficit they are running annually, and where they plan on using the additional $11. million.

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