2021 Fall Festival Security Information


 2021 Fall Festival Security Information

Representatives from the EPD, EFD, AMR, EMA, WSNC, and Vanderburgh County Dispatch have been meeting for the past several months to plan for the safety and security of the 2021 WSNC Fall Festival. 

Some Of The Things Included In Planning Are: 

1. We had a Fall Festival Safety/Security Tabletop Exercise (put on by EFD). 

2. We will meet with each of the 130+ booth chairmen to discuss safety/security issues.

3. We will once again meet with the WSNC members to discuss the 

Role they can play in helping us keep the Festival safe. 

*We would like you to remind everyone that it is up to the whole community to ensure the safety/security of the Fall Festival. 

**If you see or hear anything or anyone that looks suspicious you should not hesitate to call 911, tell a police officer, fireman, or a Nut Club member (who can be identified by their headgear!) 

Please put this list of banned items on your website if you can: 

Items You Cannot Bring To The Fall Festival:

1. Animals/Pets of any type – service animals are allowed 

2. Glass Bottles/Jars/Containers 

3. Squirt Guns of any type/Water Balloons 

4. Bicycles/Scooters/Skateboards/Roller-Blades 

5. Drones 

6. Fireworks 

7. No Halloween masks 

Thanks for Helping Us Out 




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