LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 2017 Another Year, Now What?

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this article was written by local political watchdog Bill Hazelip

I write my version City Economics each year!

The city rejoices, we have new restaurants opening up all over the city. Economics 101, when a city loses population or fails to gain population,  then rejoicing at a restaurant opening is false economics,  that is unless you can convince the population to eat four meals a day!

There was a time when this city had almost as many manufacturing jobs as we have people today, and the city only had eight square miles. We once was known as the furniture capitol of the world.  I remember when we had over twenty five thousand people building refrigerators,  plus another five thousand doing sub-assembly for refrigerators at other companies… From Plymouths, to bottle caps, uniforms, bull dozers, to “never split toilet seats” the number goes on to almost 100 different companies once located in this once growing City!

We had two independent papers, I delivered them both, one morning and one evening.  As we look back at these publications and compare them to today’s version of the USA Courier&Press we now realize what we have lost!  We lost our ability to communicate!  To communicate not only to our civic leaders, our community, schools, churches, but most of all to communicate to each other!  Often the new version of the Courier only has two or three local stories of news events and they are often three to four days old.  The sports stories are often two to three days old.

The local paper is more of a magazine with ads and near blank pages.  Information that is occurring in City government does not exist!  We know little to nothing about what is happening within our own local Government, yet we pay dearly in taxes and misrepresentations.

I recently asked the Mayor (a person whom I voted for) to get involved with the Gannett Publication, not as Government in business, but business and news accurately and timely being reported.

Yes, the Mayor can continue to cut ribbons celebrating a new restaurants that hire 25 workers at minimum wages, but we must realize that the money being passed around is OLD MONEY that will soon be gone with the aging population.  And as I said  in my subject line  “2017 another year, now what?”

FOOTNOTE: The City County Observer posted this article without opinion, bias or editing.


  1. Thanks Bill, spot-on commentary.
    Now What? Grace us more frequently.
    Again, Thanks. …

  2. Good old USA Today. The owner of Evansville’s C&P is the same USA Today whose Editorial Board recently published an invective declaring President Donald J. Trump was not fit to clean toilets in Barack H. Obama’s library. Not a letter from some reader, mind you, but from their own Editorial Board. Nice.

  3. Here’s a suggestion, Bill. “2017, another year older and $millions deeper in debt”

  4. Wanted to puke when I saw even the mention of Whineyapple being even considered for 8th District Rep. Hell, Ivy Tech got cut from the glorious med school because if failing students. Oh well, maybe we can build another arena, we don’t need, and tax all the 8th District. I don’t know, I am sure Indy would like to lose the Dolts!!!!!

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