The City-County Observer has grown extensively over the past 20-plus years. We owe this growth to both our readers and our advertisers as a whole. 2023 has so far proven to be yet another huge year for the City-County Observer.

A couple of times this year the site was down for some time during the year due to server overload, but our publication still managed to meet our page review goals for this year. The City-County Observer was accessed from every state of the Union, and 63 countries worldwide so far in 2023.

The City-County Observer also celebrated its annual “Community Service Awards luncheon” in 2023 to a sellout crowd at the BALLYS-Evansville in November. This annual event solidifies its place as a legitimate form of recognition for our local community leaders.

In addition to this year’s successful annual “Community Service Awards” luncheon, the City-County Observer revamped its entire website with a new theme. The new theme has been well received and has drastically increased the reach of the City-County Observer to potential readership.

The City-County Observer has secured another mutual agreement with to share articles to be published in the CCO. The agreement has helped the City-County Observer meet the expectations of its place to bring current and breaking news from around the state to its readers. is a highly regarded Indiana news publication run by Franklin College journalism students and will provide up-to-date news on developments statewide.

Our “Working Outside The Box” monthly luncheon has been a phenomenal success. The recent presentation by Vanderburgh County Sheriff Noah Robinson was extremely informative and well-received.

The City-County Observer’s mission is to continue providing the people of this region with current news that they need and expect from a local media source.

In conclusion, the City-County Observer is preparing for another phenomenal year of continuing to be your “Community Newspaper” for the region. Only so much of our success may be credited to us. The rest is a credit to our readers and advertisers without whom we would not exist.

Thank you sincerely for your continued readership and support we look forward to seeing you on our site for the rest of the year and years to come!


City-County Observer Staff


  1. This reader appreciates all the work the CCO and many of its readers have done to make evansville a better place to live
    I include numerous city council members that have helped and done the right thing ,and for the other Politicans and appointed ones if it weren’t for you the CCO would never had been needed,,,,and we know who you are

  2. I just called Ziemer Funeral home and was told they would consider using the CCO. I encourage you all do similar. If everyone makes calls I bet our area funeral homes will put obits in CCO.

  3. Thanks to Ron and Joe for keeping this site going. You have become my #1 source for local and statewide news. This site does more than just report the news, it helps shape policy by exposing opacity and corruption. Thanks for being here.

    • I agree with you. They provide so much information. The coverage they had with the 3 Evansville mayoral candidates helped me decide my vote.

  4. Just made my phone calls to area Funeral Homes and ask them to send obits to the CCO. The responses were positive.

    I’m asking everyone who reads the CCO to do similar this week. In my opinion, having obits in the CCO takes a big bit out of the Courier and Press revenue stream and provides a valuable service to CCO readers.

  5. great job CCO…………you are a breath of fresh air truly fair and balanced…………..

  6. A listing of all the major votes in congress broken down into layman’s terms would be a welcome addition to the CCO’s success.

    The Courier&Press quit posting them a few months back, probably since the election year was approaching and a “Good Ole Boy” figured it wouldn’t be in his best interest for a vast array of constituents to know exactly how he was voting.

    A friend of mine called Ethridge and asked why it wasn’t in the paper anymore and he responded, “I didn’t realize it wasn’t in there anymore. I’ll check on it.”

    Still not in there Tim, just in case you haven’t gotten around to checking on it.

    Is it true it will re-appear soon after the fall election?

    Only Bucshon knows for sure.

  7. I’m glad to see the success of the CCO. It is a great alternative to the C&P and local television news. However, we will always need the C&P as a voice for our local Communists and Socialists and government propaganda machine. We will also need local television news for those who can’t handle anything stronger than milk toast.

    Thank you for having the balls to tell us the stories that make the royal court at MLK Palace uncomfortable, aka the truth.

  8. The Evansville Courier&Press does not even make an attempt to hide their bias nowadays. They are little more than an outlet for leftist/socialist propaganda.

    The daily sophomoric scribblings of UE professor James McLeod as “political cartoonist” certainly lacks any balance. It is as if the current President of The United States, after failing miserably at the job, has disappeared from the pages of the newspaper.

    The editorial staff believes that local citizens should not be allowed to vote on issues concerning what is best for society, and that just reinforces what we see on a daily basis in their editorial columns. They are anti human life, anti Christian, and pro equality of outcome and redistribution of wealth.

    I am ashamed to be a subscriber, but you know what they say: “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”


    • It’s a small town newspaper reporting on kittens in trees. Acting like they are liberal or conservative is a joke.

  9. Most people expect an obituary section to include all deaths within our surrounding area much like C&P provides now.
    If there’s a charge it will only show those able & willing to pay. They also have to know CCO exists.
    It’s not a big deal now but WHEN the C&P folds we will need a place to go for that information.

  10. Yes, Yes and Yes, for putting obits on CCO..A good idea..Also, how about Warrick county obits too??
    With the two counties interacting and many families
    related to people in both counties..this would be wonderful..Thank you CCO for the job you are doing..Much appreciated. I catch myself going to your site more and more..

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