2013 ‘Mole’ Awards Has Huge Turnout & Support for Honorees


mole3Eight Mole Award Winners & Announcements Front-lined Event

By Scottie Thomas

On Monday, October 14th, 2013, City-County Observer hosted its Annual Mole Awards Luncheon to honor 8 individuals for their outstanding public policy and efforts to exhibit good public policy in our community.  The event was held at Tropicana Evansville in Walnut Room A & B with a sell out crowd that was represented by a cross-section of people of all political persuasion.  The Corporate Sponsor was Torian, Hofmann, Dillow & Flittner Insurance.

Pigeon Township Trustee Mary Hart, State Senator Vaneta Becker, City Councilman John Friend, Honorable Judge Brett Neimeier, Honorable Judge Wayne Trockman, Ben Trockman and Matthew Burkart were the seven individuals that received honors and their ‘Mole’ Award.

A surprise and special ‘Mole’ Award was given to President and City Councilwoman Connie Robinson for her outstanding leadership for Councilwomen this year.  The Master of Ceremonies for the event was Editor-in-Chief Joe Wallace.  The Invocation was performed by D-Patrick General Manager Tony Ricketts.

Wallace also made the major announcement that we will be carrying state legeslative news and videos of state committee and board meetings.

Wrapping up another season in good public policy, community happenings and local politics, City-County Observer had the huge turn out to honor those highlighted.


  1. “A surprise and special ‘Mole’ Award was given to President and City Councilwoman Connie Robinson”—that sure was a surprise— Connie Robinson is not an outstanding leader.

  2. Congrats to Connie Robinson for winning this award. She is a very good person who works hard for the people in the 4th Ward.

  3. I know he’s going to spit nails at me for doing this but I want to give a special thanks on here to the guy who does everything on here behind the scenes- Mr. Ron Cosby.

    Ron & Joe have given me, and everyone else on here, something that has never been given before- Free Speech. I know Councilman Friend has talked about it the past two times he’s received a Mole Award but I think everyone on here really needs to thank Ron & Joe for this.

    Although free speech has been a right in this country for many centuries it really hasn’t been equalized between machine politics and grass roots politics.

    Ron & Joe are changing that, and doing it at a rapid pace. The gift of free speech is one of the greatest gifts an activist can be given. I thank them greatly for allowing me to come on here and speak my mind. I also thank them for recognizing citizens like Ben Trockman who are trying to make this city and world a better place.

    So to Joe & Ron, THANK YOU!

    • And thanks to you Jordan for having the courage to use that free speech. Many are intimidated into surrendering their free speech.

      • And some valid and important posts are taken down thereby depriving them of their free speech. Not really though. If I sued you I would lose because I don’t have the right to free speech on someone else’s platform. You persons have no clue but think you are intelligent.

  4. The individuals that were honored including Connie Robinson and John Friend were very deserving. I am not making an argument with opposing viewpoints as the truth does not need defending. C-CO got it right with who the Mole Award Recipients were!

  5. I agree that the CCO got it right concerning the 2013 “Mole Award” winners.

    I always don’t agree with Jordan but like that the CCO allows him to express his opinions and give him the right of free speech. To bad the Courier and Press doesn’t allow us to do similar any more. Thanks CCO for all you’re doing to allow the real truth to prevail.

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