2013 Line Items for Sister City Trip in City of Evansville Budget


Evansville Controller Russ Lloyd Jr.

On the following link you will find two line items in the COIT section of the 2013 City of Evansville budget where money is allocated for use in Sister City relationships. The amounts are $5,500 for the Mayor of Evansville and $10,500 for the City Council for a total of $16,000 that was planned, submitted, and approved for the upcoming trip to Amsterdam and Osnabruck.

This information was made available to the CCO by Evansville City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr.



  1. Probably the poorest use of money taken from the incomes of working Evansvillians. I believe that most people see it as a political junket.


  2. This trip and the sneagle method of slipping it into the budget should be as revolting to the citizens and the media as the Opus 1 drinking binge that took place on the taxpayer’s dime.

  3. I know what TRANSPARANCY means to the general public; what does it mean to government?

    To my knowledge, Evansville has a sister city relationship with a city in Germany and one in Japan. Can anyone list even ONE benefit that Evansville has received from these relationships?

    Why the stop over in Amsterdam?

    HOW MUCH is in the city budget for this vacation?

  4. If they want to study something helpful. Rather than go to Amsterdam they should go to Washington state or Colorado. What they learn about a progressive government couldn’t hurt. And it’s legal there.

  5. That’s all these buffoons need. They are already lazy and stupid. Why go to Amsterdam when they can go to Colorado or Washington for much cheaper? Hope that Mayor McClintock and First Dude Winnecke bring lots of junk food with them!

    • There’s a wide variety of areas both the mayor and chamber need to visit. They need to visit Washington and Indianapolis if they are serious about technology. They need to visit OKC if they are serious about revitalizing downtown. And they need to visit U of L and UPS in Louisville if they are serious about replacing Whirlpool while improving the universities at the same time.

      Any way you stack it, the result is still the same: We are playing from behind, this is no time for what is basically a vacation in disguise.

  6. The city administraton does not need to go anywhere near Washington to see how a progressive city attracts business and other attractions.

    All they have to do is go up river 30 miles to Owensboro. O’boro seems to do things right and gets the job done.

  7. Squabbling over a $16,000 trip to Germany? Do you people have anything important to do with your time, or are you devoid of a real life?

    • Now see..here is the problem, you complaining over people worried about 16K.. it all adds up, 16k here, 16K there..next thing you know it’s 100K ! It all adds up, if you don’t watch the pennys, you will end up missing dollars.

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