LETTER TO EDITOR: Libertarian Horning Calls For Debates‏


LETTER TO EDITOR: Andrew Horning Calls For Debates‏

I understand why Larry Bucshon refuses to debate. An incumbent’s best strategy is to stay away from any unscripted challenges, and simply float to reelection on free media and piles of cash. That’s worked for him and many other entrenched congress-critters for years now.

But it shouldn’t be tolerated.

You’d never think of hiring a janitor without interviewing the applicants face-to-face. Should hiring a congressman be so much less important and rigorous than hiring janitors?

The job of US Congressman is important enough that there should be serious, in-depth and in-person job interviews with tough questions and non-scripted answers. Voters should see what their options really are; not just the crafted “message” and marketing that special interest money buys.

Elections are the power of peaceful revolution. We certainly need such a revolution. But that precious power of peaceful change requires information; it’s quality and quantity should be commensurate to the importance of the job at hand.

I’m the Libertarian candidate for District 8 US House of Representatives, and I’d like you to know what ALL your options are. So I encourage all citizens of the 8th District, and challenge my fellow candidates, to public job interviews.

I propose one public forum and/or debate in each of District 8’s counties; with at least three televised debates. I propose the format discourages canned speeches and maximizes public interaction. And of course I propose that these forum/debates include all candidates who will be on the ballot in 2014; whether the incumbent refuses to participate, or not.

It’s a societal shame that the debates, public forums and media coverage of the past have all but disappeared, and that the information needed to make better choices has become hard to obtain. Voters need better information. It’s time voters demand it.


  1. “I’m the Libertarian candidate for District 8 US House of Representatives, and I’d like you to know what ALL your options are. So I encourage all citizens of the 8th District, and challenge my fellow candidates, to public job interviews.” (Andrew Horning)

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    It could just be that a lot of people do not KNOW exactly where their beliefs fall in the political spectrum, and are therefor reluctant to identify as a ” Libertarian”. It might be instructive to some reader if they would take the Nolan Quiz, linked below, to give them some idea of where they might be.


    • The Nolan quiz is an excellent tool, and goes a long way in comforting people that what we’ve been all about is what a large percentage of people actually want.
      But we shouldn’t forget that nobody’s ideology is represented by the corrupt crony network and puppet show distraction we call the Two Party System.
      Until we deal with the fact that our politicians’ power is for sale, we’re missing a big part of the problem.

  2. Andrew:

    After seeing where my pigeon hole was I experimented with the quiz to see how to score the highest Libertarian score. For that distinction one just has to answer all of the questions “agree”. I think it would be rare for people to agree with all of the questions. BTW, I was barely out of the center, just a little to the right.

  3. Like I’d said, I think the test is a great tool for people willing to take it and see where their ideology falls.
    But in my opinion we have a Big Problem to deal with before talk of ideology becomes relevant.
    As long as our government is a crony crime ring, operating in violation of our most fundamental laws and guilty of transgenerational theft and undeclared endless wars based on and operated on deceit…all talk of ideology is of academic interest only.
    We must first deal with the fact that our government sells what doesn’t belong to them, and some not-very-nice people buy it away from us all.

    • Andrew:

      We are on the same page about the crony crime ring, and as you know, party does not enter into it, it spans all parties. The people behind it have no allegiance to anything other than themselves. It is up to each party to police their own behavior, it is a moral and ethical imperative.

  4. What’s with the uniform you have on Horning?

    I’m sure it’s positive but it looks like a McDonalds employee in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    For the first time in my life I’m thinking about voting Libertarian but hopefully you don’t mind a couple questions.

    I’m also almost sure I’m writing in a presidential candidate.

    Crazy ass year man….

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