I thank the Evansville Courier Press for this opportunity to respond to their article of last Saturday morning reporting on an incident that allegedly accused my good husband, Dr. Richard Moss, of misdemeanor battery in our Jasper home 23 years ago. It has been a dark cloud hanging above our family all these years and I would now like to set the record straight.

Though we had a marital spat, at no time was there physical contact between us, and definitely no battery occurred then or at any time during our time together. Though it was reported as a domestic disturbance, I feel my poor and broken English at the time, and the emotional distress I was suffering, mis-communicated what actually occurred to the investigating officers who struggled to understand what I meant to say.

Thankfully, the prosecuting attorney at the time recognized this misunderstanding and dismissed all charges against Rick.

It was only a misunderstanding between a husband and wife, 23 years ago. Nothing more.

I have been married 26 years to Rick who is now running for Congress in Indiana’s 8th District for the Republican Party. He has my most ardent support. Rick’s family, being his first constituency, stands behind him fully.

Rick and I first met in Thailand where we were married and where I assisted his surgeries as a nurse. We traveled throughout Southeast Asia on a motorcycle together for three years treating head and neck cancer victims that had little or no other access to healthcare. Our efforts were entirely voluntary. We received little or no compensation. Our work was highly acclaimed and decorated in my country, Thailand, as well as in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Burma.

Upon our return to the USA we settled in Jasper, IN and began our family and a private practice in medicine. We have been blessed with four children: Arielle, Noah, Adina, and Isaiah. Arielle is now teaching English on a Fulbright Scholarship in Morocco. Noah is a junior at IU, and Adina and Isaiah are in middle school in Jasper. Rick is a loving father and husband. He has always been active in raising our children. He also is a devoted son and wrote a book about his beloved mother and her struggles to raise her five sons in the Bronx as a single Mom.

I should mention that Rick is Jewish and very devoted to his faith. I converted to Judaism and together we have raised our four children as young Jews. Richard and I are strong supporters of Israel. We are grateful for the support many Christians give to Israel. We believe strongly that our country is founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

In closing let me reiterate that the misunderstanding reported in the paper recently was a difference of opinion that never resulted in physical contact or battery. It occurred 23 years ago. Rick and I are happily married for 26 years with four outstanding and accomplished children.

That is the real story of Rick and our family!


Supit “Ying” Moss

FOOTNOTE:  This letter was sent to the CCO and we have posted it without opinion , bias or editing!


    • Domestic abuse spans the political divide. Don’t forget how popular our own local pol who allegedly abused both of his ex-wives is. I doubt this will hurt Moss here in Southern Indiana, but I think Buschon will get the nomination again.

      • LKB…The unfortunate thing is…..Moss’ appeal to the voters could have been much more compelling. It is not as though his story isn’t full of evidence of the “we can be inclusive” melting pot, hard working immigrant neighbor story. Instead…it appears Moss went at it totally calculatingly…. “I can’t say that!!”…instead he said “What is it the voters I have to appeal to, what is it that the EXPECT me to say about who I am and what I stand for?” There was a terrific authentic story here. It is nowhere in his boiler plate speech and political outline. This guy and his family is NOT Mitt Romney’s family. But he mistakenly thinks that is what the voters think he is.

        • …by the way. It is clear Moss’ wife knows the real story, and she also knows that’s what the story SHOULD have been.

          • I have no dog in the Primary fight. I was just pointing out that the locals appear indifferent to allegations of domestic violence.

          • No. Sure, sure…you are right. My comments were that you are likely correct that Bucshon will be reelected.

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  1. Women and men just don’t think alike, (In a lot of different aspects,) don’t button their shirts the same, and almost never use the same lawyer when getting a divorce.

    But when you throw in not understanding what the other is saying, (because of linguistics,) I can see where that could create an unforeseen problem.

    For instance, “Laundry you do – (today).” Even though asked nicely, actually just doesn’t sound like it.

    Or, ” Me no put out.” Not realizing that was concerning putting out the trash for pick-up could surely be misunderstood in an early relationship.

    Or saying, “We need get bush-on right side of house to make pretty,” could create a sober moment also – I guess.

    Definitely none of my business….

    • I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make with this fairly racist sounding “Asian” conversation but the miscommunication wasn’t between husband and wife but with the officers who got involved. This article was meant to address unfortunate rumors that have followed this couple for 23 years. If she claims nothing happened and the authorities involved deemed nothing happened then that is what we are to believe. How sad that anyone should be labeled something they are not and then be judged by that. I could conclude based on your remarks that you are a racist, but not knowing anything about you I’m sure that would be an incorrect assumption. But how sad if that was the label you received and that then became what everyone judges you by. Whether you or anyone disagrees or agrees with this man’s political views is their own right. But he should be judged on that, not rumors.

      • Voter, certain of our progressive local cadres forget that the casual anti-Asian racism fashionable among the Democratic Left is disturbing to many ordinary Americans. At our next OFI meeting, we will remind Regulator to employ some self-regulation in public.

        J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
        Maximum co-coordinator
        Organizing for Idiocy
        Evansville Cell

  2. I believe it is a sad state of what we have become when a woman says she was, in no uncertain terms, not abused but people want to believe the that she was abused. Why is it we will not believe a woman who says she was not
    abused? Is it because we all come from a certain political belief and we want to push our particular viewpoint?
    For those of you who are supporting Buschon then you will think she was abused. For those of you who are supporting Moss then you will believe she was not abused. I suppose there are some who are in the middle who will not commit to one or the other position. I, for one, trust Ying as she publically stated emphatically she was not abused.

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